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Rare Breeds Trust of Australia
Yarra City Council, opened the Rare Breeds enclosures on Sunday, 16th December, followed by Megg Miller presenting a brief outline of the historical significance of the breeds selected. The new poultry ...

Rare Breeds Trust of Australia: The Large Black
Trust of Australia: The Large Black | Home | Contact | Search | Site Index | The Large Black By Megg Miller The Large Black has featured prominently in conservation discussions in Australia ever since a rare ... More from this site

Rare Breeds Trust of Australia: Newsletter - Paddocks and Perches
Keith Martin Houdan - no.1? Docile and good looking ... but ... by Megg Miller The other Dorking challenge - breeding for exhibition? by Susan Stocks The Aylesbury Duck, by Jim ... Know our rare Breeds - the Haflinger, by Wendy Valentine Exotic Diseases The Large Black, by Megg Miller African Geese, by Margaret Arnold Rare Breeds at the Perth Royal Show, by tas Doornbusch ...

Rare Breeds Trust of Australia
Australia. A small committee of members, Megg Miller, Bruce Pattinson and myself have been working on a draft proposal to put to the ... More from this site

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