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MRF > Law & Policy > Events
Further information including ... energy and minerals industries have witnessed a dramatic increase in foreign investment in natural resources. US and non-U.S. Companies are entering into joint ventures and ...

EPA > Ground Water & Drinking Water > Drinking Water and Health > What are the health effects of contaminants in drinking water?
Examples of the chronic effects of ... metals and minerals) Volatile organic chemicals (mostly industrial chemicals and solvents) Synthetic organic chemicals (mostly pesticides) also our Lead in Your Drinking Water. EPA and the Centers for Disease Control and ...

Minerals Engineering International Online - Students: Universities and Research Institutions
Minerals Processing and Technology Research University of Cape Town, South Africa, Dept. of Chemical Engineering University of Pretoria, South Africa, Dept. of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering University of Pretoria, South Africa, Industrial Metals and Minerals ...

Minerals Engineering International Online - Links: Government Departments
Minerals and Energy Branch Ontario, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, Mines and Minerals Division South Africa, Department of Minerals and Energy Tasmanian Minerals Council UK, Department of Trade and Industry, Metals and Minerals (Products and Processing) USGS, Mineral Resources Program 1998-2007, Minerals ... More from this site

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Standards Voluntary Initiatives Conflict The following page details information on conflicts involving the exploitation of natural resources that may include metals and minerals such as gold, diamonds, and ...

It aims to raise awareness of issues surrounding these supply chains and encourage a more integrated approach to metals and minerals ...

mineral supply chain stewardship
The feasibility of producing minerals and metals accreditation as part of the building process • What appetite there is for this amongst designers and ... More from this site

PRB for Metals and Acid Mine Drainage
Fe(II) and trace metals. This effluent often enters underlying and adjacent aquifers ... and C.J. Ptacek, 1999. Geochemistry of a permeable reactive barrier for metals and acid mine drainage. Environmental Science and Technology, 33: 2793-2799. Benner, S.G., 1999. Hydrogeology, geochemistry and ...

Metals and the Environment
The responsible management of minerals, metals and their products will continue to ensure their safe and ...

Specialized Services - Metals and the Environment at CANMET-MMSL
Metals and the Environment at CANMET-MMSL The Metals and the Environment Research Program delivers targeted research to ensure that environmental regulations and policy decisions relating to mining and metals ... More from this site

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