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Indusco Environmental Services, Inc.
Indusco Environmental Services, Inc. supplies the highest quality of metering pumps with our air pollution control scrubber systems. There are three types of metering pumps that we ... solenoid type pumps due to the low cost and reliability. With higher flow requirements the hose or hydraulically actuated pumps are the best choice. The chemical metering pumps are ...

Eng. Products/Services: Potable water pumps, submersible and dry pit sewage pumps to 200 HP, piston and plunger pumps, end suction centrifugal pumps, vertical stainless steel multistage centrifugal pumps, liquid metering pumps, water conditioners. Principals or Trade ...

ProMinent’s complete product line includes chemical metering pumps, sensors, controllers, chlorine dioxide and ozone generators, dry polymer feeders, UV and RO equipment, pre ... More from this site

pH and ORP Controllers and Recorders
Nema 4X fiberglass enclosures. They feature both high and low outputs for controlling dual metering pumps. A 4-20 milliamp output is for the optional chart recorder. Front panel controls allow ...

H adjust tank to insure rapid mixing. Oversized metering pumps insure rapid adjustment to 0.2 pH. ... metering pumps. Interlocks are provided to the main program controller to insure no solution flows when the system is out of the desired pH range. 4. Pumping system - Dual centrifugal pumps ... adjust Closely controlled pH Duplex (2) centrifugal feed pumps Backup pump minimizes down time High efficiency ... More from this site

Pulsafeeder Pumps
Metering Pumps Pulsafeeder PULSAtron Electronic Metering Technology Reliable metering performance. Guided check valves with proven seat and ball designs make Pulsafeeder PULSAtron the most reliable metering pumps ...

LeahChem Industries, Inc. Online - Water and Wastewater Treatment Products and Equipment
Polydemdacs, Polymer Removal, Polymerized Alumunate Chloride, Quick Lime, Soldium Aluminate, Super Absorbents, Surfactants, Flotation Units, Metering Units, Feeding Units, Mixers, Monitoring Systems, Pumps, Rainstoppers, Storage Tanks, Installations, Jar Testing, Technical Support.

Polymer Spills Fluid Metering Pump Electronic Metering Pump Polymer Cleanup Disperse Polymer Buildup
Metering Pump Electronic Metering Pump Polymer Cleanup Disperse Polymer Buildup Schaner's Waste Water Products: Pulsafeeder PULSAtron Pumps, Polymer Cleaner, Struvite Removal & Odor Control for the Belt ... (800) 933-9109.. (877) 887-6617 fax Polymer Spills | Fluid Metering Pump | Electronic Metering Pump | polymer cleanup | Disperse Polymer Buildup Link Resources Copyright © 1997-2003 ...

ABB Variable Frequency Drives and Pump Control Packages by Granger Water Specialties
ProControl 500-1 Pictured Here Controlling a Wallace & Tiernan Series 44 Metering Pump With 1/2 hp ABB Drive For Single Phase Application ... Pumps - centrifugal, positive displacement, metering. Fans - forced draft, induced draft, centrifugal, axial Mixers Conveyors, bottling lines, palletizers and other materials handling applications Winders - films, paper and wire Centrifuges Extruders - melt pumps ...

Electric power supply measurement as an alternative to measure flow-rates of hydraulic pumps
March 2004 1190/1/04 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. INTRODUCTION Increasing demands on the water resources of Southern Africa requires improved management of this commodity. Water metering is ... by any alternative other than direct measurement. 3.3 Problems experienced with conventional water metering Mainly two types of flow meters are currently used for measuring river abstractions on ...

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