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Mine clearance services, security and UXO detection and clearance - MineTech International - Projects in Africa
Projects in Asia Mine Detecting Dogs in Azerbaijan... Projects in Europe Mechanical Mine Clearance in Kosovo... Projects in the Middle East EOD, Manual Mine ...

RONCO: Humanitarian Land Mine Clearance
CLOSE Can mine-detecting dogs locate trip wires and unexploded ordnance (UXO) as well as mines? In Mozambique, RONCO/Global mine-detecting dogs found thousands of UXO items; ... found by demining dogs? Dogs are equally effective at finding both mines and UXO. For example, during one working period in Bosnia, RONCO/Global mine-detecting dogs working with mine detecting teams ...

RONCO: Mine/UXO Clearance
Manual Demining Mine Detection Dogs Explosives Detection Dogs Explosive Ordnance Disposal Improvised Explosive Ordnance Disposal Basic /Advanced Trauma ... RONCO Team RONCO Clearance Methods Indigenous Capacity Building Frequently Asked Questions: Mine Detecting Dogs Quick Reaction Demining Force RONCO Supports Peacekeeping Mission in Sudan Afghanistan ... More from this site

Mine clearance services, security and UXO detection and clearance - MineTech International - Rapid learning curve for explosive detecting dogs
Mine Detection Dog training, pioneered at the School since it was founded by two former Mine Detection Dog handlers in 1998. Like the Mine Dogs, security and explosive detecting dogs ...

Science News - 2002 Archive
Jebara 08/12/08 04:48 PM Philosophy of religion: Yours, MIne and Ours... Revlgking 08/12/08 12:53 PM Vitamin ... level of education and your economic status... 29 August 2002 Dogs, Cats Reduce Risk Of Allergies In Kids Surprisingly, ... Communication Identified The discovery of how bacteria communicate - by releasing and detecting chemical pheromones - could be the first step toward manipulation of these ...

Though no one solution exists for the global land mine epidemic, mine detection dog teams are today the most efficient and effective tool for detecting land mines in a majority of affected ... The good news is that the integration of dogs with machines and manual techniques accelerates the pace of mine clearance operations. Approximately 700 mine detection dogs now "sniff out" land mines in 23 ...

They are more effective than other types of dogs. German Shepherds learn quickly.” While the vast majority of the mine detections dogs, or MDDs as they are called, are German Shepherds ... the main detection tools. In fact, dogs are capable of detecting concentrations that are several times lower than the threshold of the best technological “sniffers”. Dogs in general have a nose about a ... More from this site

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