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Publications/Reports - Metals and the Environment at CANMET-MMSL
Publications/Reports Metals and the Environment at CANMET-MMSL Related publications can be found at the Energy, Minerals and Metals Information Centre (EMMIC): [ Search ] Metals and the Environment Research ... and fate models for metals emissions? In Workshop on Life Cycle Assessment Application to Nonferrous Metal Products at the 3rd APEC expert Group Meeting on Minerals and Energy Exploration and ...

Minerals Engineering International Online - Links: Government Departments
Minerals and Energy Branch Ontario, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, Mines and Minerals Division South Africa, Department of Minerals and Energy Tasmanian Minerals Council UK, Department of Trade and Industry, Metals and Minerals (Products and Processing) USGS, Mineral Resources Program © 1998-2007, Minerals ...

Minerals Engineering International - Environmental Issues: Latest News
Minerals and Energy. SAEON, an initiative of the National Research Foundation, is a distributed observatory system and research facility, linked by an information management network, which serves as a research and ... email address, choose a content format and click "Join." [more info] MEI Online Update MEI Online Job Vacancies HTML Text © 1998-2007, Minerals Engineering International Email: amanda@min ... More from this site

MRF > General Forum > Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD)
Minerals and Energy Environment Foundation (AMEEF). The following documents have been produced as part of the work of the Mining, Minerals and ...

Mining, Environment and Development > Energy
Abatement Handbook (PPAH), The World Bank Group. Energy and Sustainable Development in the Mining and Minerals Industries (PDF) - Karl Rábago, Amory Lovins and Thomas Feiler, Rocky Mountains Institute (RMI). Prepared for the Mining, Minerals and ... More from this site

Resources on Urban Energy Systems
Energy Information Administration Petroleum US Energy Information Administration Natural Gas Department of Primary Industries and Energy Petroleum Web Page Coal World Coal Institute SASOL Home Page US Department of Energy Fossil Fuel Home Page Australin Minerals ...

Climate VISION: Private Sector Initiatives: Minerals: GHG Information
Sector Initiatives: Minerals: GHG Information Home: Private Sector Initiatives: Minerals: GHG Information MINERALS Letters of Intent/ Agreements GHG Information GHG Inventory Protocols GHG Work Plan Resources & ... Minerals Association - North America (IMA-NA) 2003 Greenhouse Gas and Energy Survey Industry Summary for the period from 2000 to 2002 (PDF 24 KB) Download Acrobat Reader | Security and ...

Weatherization and Intergovernmental Program: News
Director of Administration for the Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy to serve as Senior Advisor for Energy ...

Virginia| Clean Energy | US EPA
Minerals, and Energy Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Local Navigation Clean Energy Home Basic Information Energy and You Clean Energy Programs Clean Energy Resources Site Map State and Local Programs State Programs Local Programs Tools and ... - Nature: habitat destruction and global warming
We need our oceans as the habitat for diverse species of fish and marine life, sea plants, sea birds and sea mammals. The ocean's produce of fish, seafood, minerals and energy make our oceans an important natural resource. Even coral reefs can help us provide things like medicine. To save the habitat of our oceans and seas, we need ...

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