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Extra Strength Tiger Balm New! Amy's Telephone Consulting Unique Gifts: Mini Beeswax Honeypot Candle-Pansy Mini Beeswax Honeypot Candle- Cosmos Mini Beeswax Honeypot Candle- Christmas Tree New! Mini Beeswax Honeypot Candle-Hydrangea Certified Organic Mushroom Growing Kit-Shiitake Certified Organic Mushroom Growing Kit- Pearl ...

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Care Amy's Consulting New! Cosmos Mini Beeswax Honeypot Size: Mini Cosmos Honeypot (3.5-4 inches tall and wide) Price: $14.95 Contents: The honeypot candles include a beeswax tea light and glass votive holder. All ... % beeswax like I do, you'll definitely want these on your dinner table or around your home. I can smell the sweet beeswax when I walk in the room. The lit candle glows ... More from this site

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