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International Mire Conservation Group
International Mire Conservation Group

IPCC Bogs & Fens of Ireland Conservation Plan 2005 - Campaign Action
Government to develop a national strategy for peatland wise use, conservation and management. As a member of the International Mire Conservation Group, the IPCC was present at the formulation of The ... Qu饕ec 2000. IPCC has also made submissions to the joint International Peat Society/International Mire Conservation Group Wise Use Guidelines for Global Mires and Peatlands which is being developed in ...

Major Activities
The 7th IMCG Field Symposium in Japan August 25 to September 6, 1996 The International Mire Conservation Group (IMCG) is an international NGO consisting of experts from more than 20 countries (primarily European nations), who are interested in wetland conservation. The IMCG ...

KIWC Newsletter June 1996 VOL.3 (1/4)
Technical Committee 860,000 ・ JICA Training for Nature Conservation and Management, and JICA Training for Wetland Conservation and Protection of Migratory Birds 3,600,000 ・ Cooperation in the 2nd Conference on National Parks and Protected Areas in East Asia 3,815,000 ・ Hosting the International Mire Conservation ... More from this site

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EcoEarth.Info Environment Links: Land/Wetlands
Rate It Global Amphibian Assessment comprehensive assessment of the conservation status of the world's known species of frogs, toads, salamanders, and caecilians Added ... the Pantanal, the world's largest wetland Added: Feb. 10, 2001 | Rate It International Mire Conservation Group an international organsiation to protect the diversity of ...

IPCC information sheets - Raised Bogs
Protection of Irish Bogs", the International Mire Conservation Group and the European Union's Habitats Directive. CONSERVATION OF IRELAND'S PEATLANDS Although peatlands originally ... Peatland Conservation Plan 2000. Irish Peatland Conservation Council, Dublin. Foss, P.J. and O'Connell, C.A. (1998) The IPCC Peatland Conservation and Management Handbook. Irish Peatland Conservation Council, ...

The Ramsar Convention and under-represented types of wetlands
Adopted in Iran in 1971, it was the first of the modern global conservation treaties, and ... recent years, working with the Global Peatland Initiative and organizations such as the International Mire Conservation Group, the International Peat Society, and others, the Ramsar Convention has developed Guidelines ...

ECNC : Services : Saxifraga-Free nature images : Landscapes : ECNC : The European Centre for Nature Conservation
Saxifraga-Free nature images : Landscapes : ECNC : The European Centre for Nature Conservation home news events financiers contact search sitemap ECNC projects ECNC > Services > Saxifraga-Free nature ... brackish standing water natural fresh standing water natural running water other bog and mire pastures extensive use pastures intensive use pastures medium use peatbog phrygana plantations of ...

Science and the Environment Bulletin: Science and Habitat Conservation
Environment Bulletin: Science and Habitat Conservation Science and Habitat Conservation This article is an overview of Environment Canada's work in the area of wetland conservation, and a lead-in to ... have the opportunity to participate in the conferences of global organizations on ecology, peatland, mire and other wetland-related areas. The information shared at this conference and through Canada ...

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