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Free-ranging parrot population of Haiku District, Maui, Hawaii
He anticipated more offspring to be produced in 1996 (April or May). Mitred Conures (also known as Mitred Parakeets) are rather uncommon in captivity, although a number have been exported from ... (Arndt 1982). O'Neill (1982) commented that Mitred Conures in Peru tolerate well the presence of humans, as does A. wagleri. The distance Mitred Conures flee when frightened is considerably reduced in ...

Santa Cruz and the Red-Fronted Macaw
Green Cheeked Conures and a spectacular Crimson crested Woodpecker. The landscape begins ... Soon there is the unmistakable scream of psittacines. Hundreds of Mitred Conures that call this place home begin to arrive for the ... we watch as hundreds upon hundreds of screaming Blue crowned Conures take flight. Amazing! For those friends in the International Palm ...