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Donaldson Company - Dust + Fume + Oil Mist - Bag Collectors
Donaldson Syvac™ Collectors Modular Baghouse Collectors The Modular Baghouse collector is designed to handle applications where high air volumes with heavy dust loading are the norm. It is the new term for innovative technology in air pollution control. The modular Baghouse ...

Two to three times the filter life The modular baghouse units can be used with any conventional filter media. The best advantages are achieved by ... flow conditions with the help of a computer aided flow technology clear savings with the Modular Baghouse housing could already be achieved. Also the automatic pulse-cleaning of the filter elements is ... More from this site

M & W Industries: Air Pollution Control Equipment Including Oxidizers and Proprietary Systems
Quality Management System The M & W pulse-clean filter is a high-ratio reverse pulse baghouse designed for industrial applications As a result of years of experience in the industrial ... Helps minimize customer's installation costs. Low maintenance and operating costs. Unit construction: all welded modular with 12 GA. or 10 GA. steel. Units utilize instantaneous double pulse diaphragm valve. ...

PPC - Controlling Stack Emissions
Insulated Steel Housing: The development of modular, factory built units has significantly lowered the installed cost of precipitators. Dry precipitators ... is a definite operating cast consideration which affects the overall cost of a baghouse installation. NEW APPLICATIONS Dryers: OSHA and state regulatory authorities are beginning to look ...

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Industrial and Commercial Vacuum Sweepers / Litter & Leaf Vacuums Commercial vacuum floor ...

Industrial Air Solutions Line Card
Systems Fume Extraction Arms Downdraft Tables Modular Media Collectors Electrostatic Precipitators Commercial Air Cleaners Torit/Donaldson Mist Collectors Baghouse Dust Collectors Cartridge Dust Collectors ... More from this site

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