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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a Transportation Fuel
California Department of Motor Vehicles before using HOV lanes. Where is CNG fuel available in California? With the consumption of CNG increasing nationwide ... per therm, equivalent to about $1.78 per gasoline gallon, for CNG used as a motor fuel. What types of CNG vehicle projects has the California Energy Commission funded? The Energy Commission ...

Ethanol as a Transportation Fuel
There have been decades of motor fuel application experience in the United States and other countries with ethanol. How is ethanol being used as transportation fuel? Most ethanol used for fuel ... More from this site

A Student's Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles - Ethanol and Methanol
However, the ethanol used for motor fuel is denatured, which means poison has been added so people can't drink it. Never swallow any type of motor fuel. Methanol Methanol (sometimes called ... for racing cars though, since all of the cars are using exactly the same fuel. Flexible fuel vehicles Flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) are specially designed vehicles that can operate on alcohol, gasoline ...

A Student's Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles - LNG & LPG
In some countries LPG is used much more for vehicle fuel than in California. In the Netherlands over 10 percent of the motor fuel used is LPG. Read more on... Gasoline. Alcohols - ethanol and methanol. Compressed natural gas (CNG) - natural gas under high pressure. Electricity - stored in batteries. Fuel Cell Vehicles - ... More from this site

Proton Power Systems - Fuel Cell Today
Country GERMANY Business Interest Manufacturer Primary Technology PEM Secondary Technology Other Geographical Region of interest Europe Organisation Description Proton Motor Fuel Cell (PM) is a European enterprise specialising in PEM fuel cell technology. PM’s business is the development and production of fuel ...

California Fuel Cell Partnership
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and is equipped with a long list of standard safety features while providing all of the environmental benefits of hydrogen fuel cell ... MOTOR COMPANY is active in the effort to commercialize alternative energy, environmentally friendly automobiles. The Tucson FCEV is among the most commercially viable fuel cell prototypes, and Hyundai continues to explore fuel ...

California Fuel Cell Partnership
CaFCP history Fuel Cell Vehicles and Hydrogen Fuel - Fuel cell vehicles - Fuel cell buses - Hydrogen fueling station map - Demonstration programs ... motor, provides an environmentally friendly solution for air quality, and has great acceleration and torque. Compared to conventional vehicles, FCVs can offer: • Zero tailpipe emissions – a hydrogen-powered fuel ... More from this site

alternative energy : bio fuel - "The Importance of Alternate Fuel Sources"
"The Importance of Alternate Fuel Sources" Home | Alternative Energy | Bio Fuel alternative energy : bio fuel - "The Importance of Alternate Fuel Sources" By: Morgan Hamilton With the depletion of the traditional fuel sources, the alternate fuel ... location situated centrally, instead of a small and inefficient combustion motor situated internally. The electric cars use electricity, no matter ...

alternative energy : bio fuel - "Biodiesel Fuel"
"Biodiesel Fuel" Home | Alternative Energy | Bio Fuel alternative energy : bio fuel - "Biodiesel Fuel" By: D. Roshard Biodiesel fuel is becoming more and more popular, which is no wonder, the soaring gas ... you try and make your own fuel. The beautiful thing about Bio diesel is that you can run it on most cars, without any pricy motor or engine modifications, its something that ... More from this site

Ford Motor Company - Fuel Cell Today
Motor Company - Fuel Cell Today Fuel Cell Today - Informing the fuel cell industry. Fuel Cell Today provides market based intelligence on the fuel cell industry, including surveys, news, images and investment ... propagate the development of fuel cell technology for automotive applications,... 20 Nov 07 Ford pushes fuel cell technology in China Ford Motor Company has showcased its fuel cell hybrid ...

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