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The Mountain Institute - Revised - Sacred Mountains
Rocky Mountains'' The Program I Partnership with NPS I Products I International Projects Mount Kailas, Tibet For assurance of long-term sustainability, environmental conservation programs need to be ... Himalayan peak of Mount Kailas, rising aloof above the Tibetan Plateau, directs the minds of millions of Hindus and Buddhists toward the utmost attainments of spiritual liberation. Mount Sinai in ...

The Mountain Institute - Sacred Mountains Fundraising Events
Mount Sinai occupies a special place in the Bible as the site where Moses received the Ten Commandments, the basis of law and ethics in Western civilization. The remote peak of Mount Kailas in Tibet directs the minds of millions of Hindus and Buddhists toward the utmost attainments of spiritual liberation. For many in the modern world, Mount Everest symbolizes the ... More from this site

Highlander fanfiction: Lost Horizon, Part One
Mount Kailas; their religion instructed them to circle counterclockwise whilst all others ... horizontal strata. The combination formed a giant swastika. This was Mount Kailas. Meru, the world-lotus, home of the gods. The ... Kang Rinpoche: jewel of the snows! It is the modern Mount Kailas." The abbot spoke on. "Here, the princess gained merit by ...

Kailas and Manasarovar: Tibetan Mythology
Kailas and Manasarovar: Tibetan Mythology Mount Kailas and Lake Manasarovar Mount Kailas: since time immemorial, most of the people of the East have believed that somewhere in ... cousin, the Ramayana, are dated to about 500 BC; in them appears also mention of mount Kailas (then a lesser holy mountain not associated with Meru) and also a lake called Manasarovar ... More from this site

National Geographic Adventure Mag.: Patagonia Photo Gallery
Crossing Skiing the Sierra Surfing the New El Salvador Thailand's Toxic Caves Tibet's Mount Kailas Yellowstone's   Secret-Keeper   Related Web Sites Desktop Wallpapers: Adventure Photos Browse the adventure and ...

Tanzania Photo - National Geographic Adventure Magazine
Krakatoa Volcano Laos by Riverboat Nepal Trekking Modern Mongolia Thailand's Toxic Caves Tibet's Mount Kailas Australia French Polynesia Alaska's Arctic Refuge Alaska's Virgin Islands B.C. Skiing Climbing ... More from this site

Peakware Photo Gallery - Peakware World Mountain Encyclcopedia
Joffre, Mount (2) Johannesburg Mountain (6) Jumbo Mountain (1) Jungfrau (13) Jupiter, Mount (3) K2 (9) Kackar (2) Kai-Komagatake (6) Kailas (1) Kala Pattar (1) Kalisungan, Mount (1) Kalkwand (1) Kang-Yatze (2) Kangchenjunga (4) Kangtega (2) Karyolung (1) Kashima Yarigatake (5) Kasra, Mount (2) Katafidhi (1) Katahdin, Mount ( ...

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