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WAC | News : Nimham Mountain Model Forest: The New York Times, Logging? Not on Mt. Nimham, Locals Say
Department of Environmental Conservation and its forestry partners want to establish at Mount Nimham would cover 415 acres of land, though logging activity would initially be conducted on 85 ... found out by accident that they were having this meeting.'' Mount Nimham, the county's second-tallest point, is named after Chief Daniel Nimham, a leader of the Wappinger Indian tribe, who died ...

WAC | News : Nimham Mountain Model Forest: Kent rejects model forest plan
JOURNAL NEWS (Original publication: December 10, 2003) KENT — The trees blanketing the slopes of Mount Nimham should be left alone, town officials and residents told the state this week, and plans ... forests, rather than development, are the city's preferred land use for protecting water quality. Mount Nimham sits near the city's West Branch Reservoir. The proposed project involves cutting down up ... More from this site

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