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Moving the mountains: A special report on mountaintop removal mining -
Celebrations | Obituaries Jobs | Homes | Autos | Place Ad Moving the mountains: an exploration of mountaintop removal mining Videos The Battle of Blair Mountain The Battle over Blair Mountain ... with WVTF in Roanoke. Message board Talk about mountaintop removal and this series Previous stories Film explores issues surrounding mountaintop removal Blacksburg film festival examines energy's cost Anti ...

Mountaintop removal: Moving the mountains -- strip mining by any other name -
In mountaintop removal mining — just like it sounds — the mountaintop is pulverized to get at the coal. Begun in West Virginia and Kentucky in the late 1960s, the pace of mountaintop removal ... the top off a ridgeline is mountaintop removal in some people’s eyes. Miners and mine regulators prefer to call that cross-ridge mining or finger ridge removal. Mountaintop removal means clear-cutting the ... More from this site

Mountaintop removal coal -- Ohio Citizen Action
Aug 11: An end to mountaintop removal mining? An aerial view reveals a traumatized landscape wrought from mountaintop removal mining at Stateline Ridge. ABINGDON, VA -- "Mountaintop removal could be ended by ... are located in central Appalachia where coal companies have been using mountaintop removal to extract coal. Mountaintop removal literally blows off the tops of mountains, not only destroying ...

Nader mountaintop removal pledge
Nader mountaintop removal pledge More from this site

June 2000 Postmining Land Use Exceptions to Approximate Original Contour Requirements for Mountaintop Removal Operations and Steep Slope Mining Operations Final Report; Response to Public ... Acrobat .pdf format Mountaintop removal mining regulations: Section 785.14 of the Surface Mining Law regulations Surface Mining Law: Section 515(c) containing mountaintop removal mining exceptions (Home ...

Renewable Energy (ACORE) UN-Energy The Climate Registry BioEnergy Wiki National Petroleum Council Mountaintop Removal & Your Energy Bill Alt Energy Stocks & Information Sources Sierra Club New Coal Plant Tracker eNewsUSA ...

NRDC: The Bush Record - Wildlife & Wildlands - Index
Back to top Entire index for National Parks Mining Policy Bush administration appeals mountaintop mining defeat (03/18/05) Judge rules against mining in Montana wilderness (02/03/ ... ruling against mountaintop mining (09/02/04) Army Corps of Engineers ordered to protect West Virginia streams from mining waste (07/09/04) Corps loosens clean water, stream protections for mountaintop removal ...

Mountain Justice - What is Mountain Top Removal Mining?
Removal Mining? Mountaintop removal / valley fill coal mining (MTR) has been called strip mining on steroids. One author says the process should be more accurately named: mountain range removal. Mountaintop removal ... is cheaper than people, so mountaintop removal mining does not create many new jobs. Mingo County flood in West Virginia June 2004 Mountaintop removal generates huge amounts of waste ...

Mountain Justice - Stop Mountain Top Removal!
The destruction caused by Mountain Top Removal mining is not getting better. Without future restrictions on mountaintop removal, these mining operations will eliminate a total of ... Environmental [3] Environmental Geographer Dr. Alice Jones, at Eastern Kentucky University [4] “Mountaintop Removal: Bad Water, Bad Jobs, Bad Idea,” Kentuckians For The Commonwealth handout [5] ... More from this site

Mountain-Top Removal Mining in Appalachia | Erik Reece | Orion magazine
Agency estimates that over 700 miles of healthy streams have been completely buried by mountaintop removal and thousands more have been damaged. Where there once flowed a highly braided system ... Justice Summer here. See Related Leaving Appalachia Right Side Up... At a Profit → Mountaintop removal, smokestack pollution, and global warming aren't inevitable; they're artifacts of using electricity ...

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