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Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory - Guide to Birding in Southeastern Arizona
Mexican border and diverse habitats, including 9000-foot mountains and the last free-flowing river in the Southwest, make southeastern Arizona ... Guide to Birding Hotspots: Tucson & Vicinity Santa Rita Mountains and Santa Cruz Co. Huachuca Mountains, San Pedro Valley & Mule Mountains Chiricahua Mountains and Sulphur Springs Valley Hummingbird Watching in Southeastern ...

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory's Birding Guide: The Chiricahua Mountains & Sulphur Springs Valley
Apache Generating Station Wildlife Observation Area Mule Mountains: SABO's Banning Creek Field Station Bisbee Zacatecas Canyon Goar Park Vista Park Galena Park Chiricahua Mountains The largest of the "sky ... Back to menu The Mule Mountains Along the opposite side of the Sulphur Springs Valley from the Chiricahuas is another small sky island mountain range, the Mule Mountains. Though often overlooked ... More from this site

Past Trips - Winter 2005
Southeastern Riverside County Dayhike three days in this wilderness and the nearby Mule Mountains south of I10. Hike washes and bajadas, but we may ... Bob Lyon (415) 674-6885 7. February 18-20 (Sat-Mon) Sheephole Mountains Backpack (E/M) Southern San Bernardino County My first Desert ... trip with Steve Tabor in January 1991 went through these mountains. After 15 years, its time to go back. We'll ...

Wild Tucson and the Senoran Desert
The mountain area also hosts alpine animals such as mule deer, big horn sheep, chipmunks, ground squirrels, and bears. The Ranger ...

ASM | Mammals of Kansas
(M), 618(CM) 154 may wander in from Rocky Mountains American elk/Wapiti Cervus elaphus extirpated 189(W), 190(G), 318(Y), 809(FM), 863 ... ), 864(F), 1077(F), 1278 was once abundant along riparian habitat; reintroduced locally throughout state Mule deer Odocoileus hemionus common western 2/3 187(M), 475(Y), 476(F) 219 common ...

ASM | Mammals of Oklahoma
Live in dry areas of the west as well as in dense forests, lowlands, & mountains of the east. May sometimes be seen in the day. Eat small animals; very rarely ... is maintained at 500. From 1969-1972, 300 of these were moved to eastern OK. Mule Deer Odocoileus hemionus Uncommon Northwestern parts of state. Some may wander into SW OK from ... More from this site

NMPIF Forests 1
Gray Warbler. Pinyon-Juniper is important as a seasonal habitat for elk and mule deer. P-J is also used for firewood, pinyon nuts, fence posts, charcoal, railroad ... the Guadalupe and southern Sacramento mountains; the Organ and San Andres mountains; the southern Peloncillo mountains; the Silver City area; in the foothills of the Magdalena, Manzanita, and Sandia mountains; western Santa Fe ...

Mono Basin Wildlife: Lions, Lizards, and Snakes that Slithers
John Muir The Mountains of California Hard life on the hoof An uncertain future Look carefully, patiently Toads, lizards ... far away, and if it’s hunting season—hunters. Mountain lions feed almost exclusively on mule deer, following their movements throughout the year and keeping them continually on the alert. Hunters ...

National Geographic: Lewis & Clark—Animals—Mule Deer
Mixed habitats: forest edges, mountains, and foothills. Southern Yukon and western Northwest Territories (Mackenzie district) south through western ... conservation efforts worldwide >> Black-Billed Magpie Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Coyote Desert Cottontail Mule Deer Prairie Sharp-Tailed Grouse White-Tailed Jackrabbit Aromatic Aster Broom Snakeweed Four- ...

Park Tour: Mule, River, & Air Trips @
Activities - Park Information - Lodging - Related Links Main Menu > Grand Canyon National Park > Park Tour Mule, River, & Air Trips This Tour Comes From... National Geographic's Guide to the Lewis ... U.S. --- Chicago New Orleans --- Eastern U.S. --- Acadia National Park Boston Charleston Great Smoky Mountains National Park New York City Philadelphia The Florida Keys The Outer Banks Washington, D. ... More from this site

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