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You are not currently logged in. Login or register. Home page > NALMS Publications > NALMS Notes NALMS Notes NALMS' e-mail newsletter features updates on important activities in the Society, such as Government Affairs or Annual Symposia updates and is delivered monthly directly to your e-mail inbox. NALMS Notes ...

NALMS Notes - November, 2007
NALMS Notes - November, 2007 NALMS Notes - November, 2007 In this issue... President's Message Executive Director's Message The New Jim Flynn Award The Secchi Disk Award Call for Old Files NALMS Apparel ... the staff will evaluate the contents of the files upon their arrival in Madison. NALMS Products & Items NALMS Apparel Holidays are quickly approaching and what better and easier way to give ... More from this site

Invasive Species: United States - Multistate Resources
Agricultural Research Service; University of Montana-Missoula. Species of Concern; Contacts; Special Notes: Economic Importance; Distribution; References; query by State or Province (Canada) State Comments & ... Special Note: Includes all States and Provinces North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) - Certified Lake Managers and Certified Lake Professionals North American Lake Management ...

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