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What's New in the World of Science: August 1996
NASA and Stanford University press releases and includes Real Audio interviews ... are certainly worth checking out too. TODAY@NASA Get the scoop--updated daily--from NASA headquarters. A great resource; the only ... other information. NASA AMES: Life on Mars This site includes a number of photos, as well as RealAudio of the NASA news conference. ...

What's New in the World of Science: December 1995
PST on Tuesday, Dec. 19, at NASA's Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA. The Exploratorium followed the action ... by staff scientist Paul Doherty. A satellite TV link to NASA-TV as well as a live internet video conference to ... Francisco Chronicle. RELATED SITES: Project Galileo: Bringing Jupiter to Earth NASA Ames Research Center: Galileo Probe The Tech Museum of Innovation S.F. Chronicle ... More from this site

13. Develop and serve databases
The read-in format is the NASA/Ames type. The files in NADIR are also available as flat files in NASA Ames format. NADIRís software for meteorological data and certain ...

Observational data at NADIR
NASA Ames format, which is a structured ascii format. SCOUT-O3 The data are stored in the ... More from this site

Live Web Chat and Video Conference: NASA Mission in NOAA's Aquarius (06/09/03)
NOAA's Aquarius Undersea Laboratory will include NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, who lived and conducted research ... NASA Ames Research Center's Quest project. The streaming video web chat is scheduled for June 19. For more information, visit the NASA Web site at http://quest.arc.nasa ... JSC educational programs, visit the JSC NASA Web site at Media are invited to ...

PNNL: Directorate Review - Fundamental & Computational Sciences Directorate
Publications Jobs Newsroom Contacts Directorate Review Committee Members Dr. F. Ronald Bailey AMTI NASA Ames Research Center Dr. Joseph S. Beckman The Linus Pauling Institute Department of Biochemistry ...

NASA, Intel, SGI Plan to 'Soup Up' Supercomputer
NASA, Intel, SGI Plan to 'Soup Up' Supercomputer + NASA Home + Ames Home + Sitemap + Staff Directory +Home HIGH END SYSTEMS + Pleiades + Columbia + Schirra + RTJones NASA, INTEL, SGI PLAN TO 'SOUP UP' SUPERCOMPUTER Michael Mewhinney Ames ... ," said Ames Director S. Pete Worden. "This additional computational performance is necessary to help us achieve breakthrough scientific discoveries." NASA Ames, ...

RELEASE: 08- 34AR NASA SUPERCOMPUTING FACILITY MARKS 25 YEARS OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. - This year is the 25th anniversary of NASA's premier supercomputing organization at Ames Research Center. NASA ... pioneer in development and application of high-performance computing technologies," said NASA Ames Research Center Director S. Pete Worden. "This outstanding team provides its ... More from this site

A Walk Through Time - Exhibits
Innovation, San Jose, CA 1997 EVENTS - State of the World Forum, San Francisco, CA - NASA/Ames Open House, Mountain View, CA - Hewlett Packard, Bristol, England - Hewlett Packard, Tokyo, Japan - Gordon Research ...

A Brief History of NASA
National Air and Space Administration Updated May 8, 2002 A Brief History of NASA Launching NASA "An Act to provide for research into the problems of flight within and outside ... employees, an annual budget of $100 million, three major research laboratories-Langley Aeronautical Laboratory, Ames Aeronautical Laboratory, and Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory-and two smaller test facilities. It ...

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