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ReSource - Weekly Musings: Round One of the National Organic Program Proposed Rules: Us 1. Them 0
Round One of the National Organic Program Proposed Rules: Us 1. Them 0. Round one of the fight to save "organic" from the clutches of agribusiness ... the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) would re-write the National Organic Program (NOP) proposed rules for organic certification to reflect the concerns of the 200,000 ...

Coming Clean: Natural Cosmetics / Organic Body Care Campaign
USDA National Organic Program. Due to this lax regulation, many personal care products have the word "organic" in their brand name or otherwise on their ...

Organic Farming Research and Information
USDA National Organic Program California Organic Program Producers Processors UC Organic Farming Research Workgroup The purpose of the UC Organic ...

Organic Farming Research Workgroup Description
Organic Farming Information USDA National Organic Program UC Organic Farming Research Workgroup Workshops / Courses Publications / Resources County-Based Organic Research and Extension Related Links • Methyl Bromide Alternatives Project Reports Project Grants Overview Chart Grants Program ... More from this site - Certified Organic Label Guide
Organic label. Since October 21, 2002, the following guidelines were established by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) to assure consumers know the exact organic ... - Get Involved
Organic Trade Association: USDA National Organic Program: Search our sister site for organic-related links: Created by Foerstel Design: Committed to the Organic Community About Organic ... More from this site

National Organic Standards Revised Rules
Comments can be submitted directly to the USDA on its National Organic Program web site. If you choose to comment on the proposed rules, mention docket ... safety. Laura Orlando Resources The Center for Food Safety The USDA National Organic Program Sample letter to the USDA on the National Organic Program's revised rules ReSource Musings Archive Home | Weekly Musings | Projects ...

Organic Certification | Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) implemented the National Organic Program (NOP) which created national standards for organic ... organic food production, and to assist Vermont farmers and processors of all types to achieve the highest possible organic standards. Click here to see the 2008 Statistics on Organic Agriculture in Vermont. The National Organic Program ...

Eat Organic Eat Local | Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont
Vermont. USDA Organic: This is an optional logo used by some producers to show that their product meets the standards of the USDA National Organic Program. Organic: The use of the word ‘organic’ is regulated by the USDA. If all ingredients in a product are certified organic, the product can be labeled, “100% Organic". ... More from this site

About Estuaries | National Estuary Program | US EPA
Oceans, Coasts, and Estuaries > Partnerships > National Estuary Program > About Estuaries About Estuaries National Estuary Program Home Estuaries in the National Estuary Program National Estuary Program Home Pages Program Profiles Challenges NEP ... environments are among the most productive on earth, creating more organic matter each year than comparably sized areas of forest, grassland, or ...

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