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NATUREANDCO.COM - The Native Forests of New Zealand
Zealand's native forests, Their unbroken lineage to the ancient forests of Gondwana, The various types of native forest in New Zealand, The impact of human activity on the native forests of New Zealand. The giant kauri Tane Mahuta, Waipoua Forest Sanctuary, Northland Photo courtesy ... - New Zealand Native Forests: Character
Native Forests: Character New Zealand's native forests: Character Antiquity Types Human impact Podocarp broadleaf forest Beech forest Kauri forest Selected bibliography Internet resources Main sections ---------------------- Land ... mammals Sightseeing Tramping Bookstore Home>Land & Wildlife>Flora>Native Forests Character of the New Zealand native forest Sorry, this page is under re-construction Top ... More from this site

Native Forest Council
Native Forest Council WINTER 2008 FOREST VOICE Download PDF Winter 2008 Fall 2007 Summer 2007 ... Large 05.21.08 Forest Biomass Extraction Releases Soil Carbon 05.20.08 Judge Blocks "Thinning" in Olympic Forest 05.18.08 Forest Problems, Forest Solutions 05.12 ... .31.08 Logging Industry Attacks Hermach 03.30.08 Save Amazon Headwaters Forest! 03.26.08 Sierra Club + Clorox = GREENWASH 03.24.08 Logging ...

Native Forest Council - National Forests Aerial Photography Project
Native Forest Council - National Forests Aerial Photography Project More from this site

Political Donations by Native Forest Woodchip Companies, Politics and Old Growth Forests.
Native Forest Woodchip Companies, Politics and Old Growth Forests. Political Donations from Native Forest Woodchip Companies: buying less regulation for more profit The table below demonstrates the ... Representatives. In 1995 the Victorian Coalition Government eased the Native Vegetation Clearance Act (19) to allow Amcor to clear native bushland for plantations. This was subsidised by the ...

Fryer's Forest Eco Village: The Village
Fryer's Forest Eco Village: The Village Fryers Forest is a rural eco-village in central Victoria consisting of 11 residential titles (1 acre each) clustered within 300 acres of common native forest. Holmgren Design Services manages both the sale of the residential lots and the sale of timber from the sustainable forestry on the 300 acres of common forest for the ...

Manomet: Forest Conservation
Our Goal To conserve native forest biodiversity in the Northern Forest/Acadian Forest region. Who are our partners? We work with forest landowners and managers, environmental groups, state and federal agencies, small woodlot owners, sportsmen, loggers, and others with an interest in forest ...

Forest Resource for Teachers
Forest & Bird Magazine, February 2000. 1. Objectives To understand the make-up and working of a native forest To understand the threats to native forests To safely enjoy and appreciate New Zealand's unique native forest ...

Forest Preparation
There are "Mini Guides" (pocket size) - Guides to 'Native Ferns', 'Native Forest Shrubs, Climbers and Flowers', 'Coastal Plants' and 'Native Trees'. The "Which" Series - Which 'Native Forest Plant', 'Native Tree', 'Native ... More from this site

Forest Habitat - Defenders of Wildlife
Plover Whale Wolf, Gray Wolverine Woodland Caribou Woodpeckers -- Habitats -- Desert Forest Grasslands Marine Wetlands Wildlife & Habitat Home Forest Habitat Forests occupy one third of the Earth's land ... and the spread of invasive, non-native species that compete for space and food. Climate change is also a threat. Temperate Coniferous Forest Location: Temperate coniferous forests are typically ...

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