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History of the Mono Lake Committee
They also caused Negit Island, an important rookery for California Gulls, to become connected to the mainland, allowing predators access ... student that edited this report, David Winkler, walked across the newly formed land bridge to Negit Island in November 1977, and felt compelled to do something before the next gull breeding season ...

Mono Lake FAQ
Paoha Island. top How do you pronounce "Mono"? Mow-no, the name of the ... High Plains Drifter. The first was shot in the 1950s on the Negit Islets, and scaffolding remains can still be seen. The second was shot ... live? Why are tufa towers slanted? Where did the gulls nest before Negit Island erupted? If the tufa towers at South Tufa are mostly 200-900 ... More from this site

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