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Judi Bari Resources
Bari's personal collection Judi Bari Wins Round in FBI Suit Nicholas Wilson's second Monitor article about the case, December 1996 Media critic Norman Solomon points ... 1996 (Copyrighted article available to Monitor subscribers only) Why No FBI Apology for Judi Bari? Nicholas Wilson's first Monitor article about the Bari case, November 1996 "Wise Use" Anti-Environmental ...

(7/16/2002) Juror Talks about the Bari vs. FBI Trial
FBI Trial SEARCH Monitor archives: Juror Talks about the Bari vs. FBI Trial by Nicholas Wilson PREVIOUS report on Judi Bari vs. FBI trial Acting on a motion filed by two ... More from this site

ASDM Art Institute Course Listings
Fall 2008 Workshops SNWF08 1113 Selection and Relationships in Drawing - Nicholas Wilson, Instructor $295 - Members $335 - Non-Members Oct 3, 2008 ... 1114 A Day of Art at Home with Master Wildlife Artist Nicholas Wilson $215 - Members $255 - Non-Members Nov 1, 2008 through ... 1115 A Day of Art at Home with Master Wildlife Artist Nicholas Wilson $215 - Members $255 - Non-Members Dec 6, 2008 through ...

ASDM Art Institute Instructors
Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, Hovenweep, Joshua Tree, Mesa Verde, Sequoia, and Yosemite National Parks. Nicholas Wilson has been a professional painter, muralist, print maker, sculptor and teacher for over 40 years ... More from this site

People | Alumni | Directory | Undergraduate Alumni, U - Z | University of Delaware
Laura White, BS, 1994 Steven White, BS, 1990 David Wiley, BA, 1983 Bartholomew Wilson, BA, 2000 Nicholas Wilson, BA, 1999 Thomas Wintczak, BA, 1973 Maria K. Wissman, BS, 1985 James Withrow, BS ...

Pirate Utopias (Do or Die)
London, George Allen and Unwin, 1984) Klausmann, Ulrike, Marion Meinzerin and Gabriel Kuhn (trans. Nicholas Levis) - Women Pirates and the Politics of the Jolly Roger (Montreal, Black Rose ... the War against the Pirates (Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, Harvard University Press, 1986) Wilson, Peter Lamborn - Pirate Utopias: Moorish Corsairs and European Renegadoes (New York, Autonomedia, 1995) ...

OCDSB - Ottawa-Carleton District School Board - EarthCARE program information
Wellington St, The Odawa Native Friendship Centre, 12 Stirling Ave, and the SAW Gallery, 67 Nicholas St. To learn more, visit July 23 ... on the EarthCARE Canada website. December 22 2006 - EarthCARE is going strong at Robert E. Wilson Public School! December 22 2006 - An update from EarthCARE coordinator, Judy Turriff on the tremendous ...

National Association for Interpretation
Resources; Des Moines, IA 50319 Ph: 515-281-0878; Michelle Wilson * Stewardship Education Coordinator; Iowa DNR; Des Moines, IA 50319 Ph: 515-281-8675; michelle ... Center; Holderness, NH 3245 Ph: 603-968-7194 x22; New Jersey Nicholas Smith-Sebasto * Associate Director, NJSOC; Montclair State University; Branchville, NJ 07826-5116 Ph: 1-800 ...

KWI - Award Winners
KWI - Award Winners KWI Karst Awards 1999 Derek Ford 2000 Jill Yager 2001 William White 2002 John Holsinger 2003 Patty Jo Watson 2004 Arthur N. Palmer 2005 Nicholas Crawford KWI Distinguished Service Awards 2004 Margaret V. Palmer 2004 Joan R.

National Association for Interpretation
Stephen Shivers Brian Short Teage Silbert Pat Sinclair Josh Slawek Sam Smith William Smith Nicholas Smith-Sebasto Jolene Stagg Lori Stebbins Ralph Steeves Deborah Stefl Marvin Steinback Elizabeth ... Rhiannon Whitaker Denise Williams Carol Williams Denise Williams James Willmann, Jr. Michelle Wilson Bill Wilson Kenneth Wines Quinn Winkler Brittany Wood Danielle Wright Amy Yeadon Debra Ytuarte David ...

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