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The World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness
The World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

Maps of night sky brightness - Light pollution in italy - Pierantonio Cinzano Web pages
Italy Artificial Night Sky Brightness (polluted areas) Total night sky brightness (night sky luminosity) Naked eye stellar visibility (stellar visibility) Loss of naked eye limiting magnitude (polluted areas) For the maps of other world countries see The Night Sky ... More from this site

Welcome to the New Jersey Astronomical Association
Chris Elvidge, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric ... under skies marred by that glow. Their work, "The First World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness," will appear in a forthcoming issue of the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society ...

WWF - How you can help the environment in your daily life
Night Artificial lighting at night can significantly disturb and endanger certain nocturnal animals - including birds, turtles and reptiles. But by using different light fittings, turning some lights off, or lowering their brightness ... Take a look at the resources and advice on offer from the International Dark Sky Association Collect rainwater to water your flowers. Let part of your garden grow ...

International Dark-Sky Association
Do you have a question about light pollution, protecting the night sky, or IDA's resources? Learn more Information Sheets Reports & Studies Dark Sky Updates ... "Please Explain" Light Pollution IDA's Pete Strasser ... your excellent May 1 Metro article "Brightness Outside, Darkened Moods Inside; As Streetlights Flood Homes, Some in D.C. Will Do Anything to Take Back the Night." The Post reported a ...

Just me and the Moon. The night before I had wanted to sleep outside but the mosquitoes were so ... the night of the Full Moon, there’s something about the light, the intensity, the brightness that keeps me awake or gives me a restless night’s ... wings as something large right past my nose. Every night I go out to look at the sky. Despite the city lights I can still see ...

Rude Awakening
I puzzled over the brightness for an interminable period. Suddenly, I felt quite foolish. ... the pitch black wilderness sky -- with no dilution from artificial lights. Unaccustomed as I was to the natural night sky, undimmed by civilization ... awesome connecting mystery of dreaming into the wonder of the night sky. [But,] was I now permanently released from the sorcery of ... More from this site

Hawaiian Astronomical Society Deepsky Atlas - Hercules
Half God, Half Brained Deepsky Atlas Navigation Deepsky Home Search All Sky Maps Constellations Listing Deepsky Listings Jay Wrathall's Messiers Page ... (he was the son of Alcmene's husband, Amphitryon). One night, as the babies slept in their crib, Hera sent two ... , progressing to an extremely condensed center. The size is 17'. Star brightness is about mag. 11. In short, this is a wonderful cluster. ...

About the Kendall Planetarium
Digistar II let audiences travel through three-dimensional space in "real time" and view ... into any area of the sky, orbit the sun, visit planets, or fly through asteroids. Digistar 3 provides the most authentic view available of the night sky from Earth, along with ...

At night they can display the majesty of the stars and the moon. Skylights can provide the interior of your home with the warmth and brightness ... trees and shrubs, skylights are exposed to the cold night sky. Most skylights have a curb -- a supporting frame -- which ... ceiling light fixture that doesn't come on at night. Made by several manufacturers, tubular skylights usually less ...

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