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Aquatic Nuisance Species
Species AQUATIC NUISANCE SPECIES U.S. Aquaculture Production Costs of Non-indigenous Species National Sea Grant Non Indigenous Species Site National Biological Information Infrastructure USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species University of Hawaii: Alien Species ...

ECO-PROS Invasive Non-Native Species
Species of plants and animals that are not native (natural) to an area are known as: non-native species introduced species exotic species non-indigenous species alien species transplants invasive species Established ... . The reason for this is to keep non-native species out of their particular ecosystems. "Super-highways for non-indigenous species" have occurred in such places as South ...

South Florida Environments - Introduced Species
Terminology Knowledge of a few simple terms is very useful in understanding the biology of introduced species. The terms non-indigenous and indigenous reflect geographic range. Species found outside their native range are non-indigenous ...

Basic references about natural history & alien species in Hawaii
(Scott) Alien Species (general) Harmful non-indigenous species in the United States (U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment [OTA]) Biological pollution: the control and impact of invasive exotic species This book ...

Harmful Non-Indigenous Species (HNIS) database (a HEAR product)
Non-Indigenous Species (HNIS) database (a HEAR product) Harmful Non-Indigenous Species (HNIS) database The Harmful Non-Indigenous Species (HNIS) database includes fact sheets about selected harmful non-indigenous (non-native) species in Hawaii. ... other information and links RE: this species.) Other species HEAR has online reports on several other invasive plant species in a format similar to ... More from this site

Non-Indigenous Species
Non-Indigenous Species Non-Indigenous Species: Activities for Youth Non-indigenous, exotics, introduced and non-native are all terms used to describe plants and animals that are living outside their ... activity, several from the second set and following up with the routine monitoring of a non-indigenous species in your community. We strongly recommend the activity, Exotic Watch, be used as an ongoing ...

Alien Species In Hawaii Information Index
If you have additional information about any species listed in this index--or a species of concern that's NOT listed here--that you think ... ) Maps of alien species distributions in Hawaii Harmful Non-Indigenous Species (HNIS) database Biological control in Hawaii HEAR "Island Matrix" (including information about distribution & controllability of selected species by island) The ...

Dendrobates auratus (Dendrobatidae) - HEAR species info
Dendrobates auratus (Dendrobatidae) (hints) Species description or overview Taxonomy & nomenclature Distribution Books In the news Species description or overview Dendrobates auratus as a non-indigenous species Dendrobates auratus species overview, its status as a non-indigenous species ... More from this site

Invasive Species In The Chesapeake Bay Watershed Workshop - Workshop Purpose and Goals
In the Chesapeake Bay region, a number of invasive species are ... of the complexities of developing effective, regionally based, control management strategies for targeted non-indigenous species in the Bay; it will conclude with the initial meeting of consensus-building ...

Maryland Sea Grant: Coast, Bay & Watershed Issues: Science for Restoration: Non-native Species
Current Maryland Sea Grant Aquatic Invasive Species Research Past Maryland Sea Grant Non-Indigenous Species Research Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Virginia Institute of Marine Science Rapa Whelk Zebra Mussel Zebra Mussels in Virginia Chesapeake Bay Program Office Mid-Atlantic Panel on Aquatic Invasive Species ... More from this site

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