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Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust
Massachusetts and the United States. Mount Grace is a private, registered, 501c3 non-profit organization. Over 700 members support us with annual membership dues, special gifts and ... areas, many of which have maintained trail systems, are open to the public for non motorized uses. Neighborhood Land Trust Most important is that the organizational culture of Mount Grace ...

Changing Consumption Patterns in Human Settlements: Energy Management
Promote public transport as an energy-efficient means of travel Promote non-motorized transport and integrate it with public transport systems Encourage the use of low-energy content ...

Seboomook Management Plan Criticized for Favoring Motorized Recreation
Knoll promises. "We are trying to walk the line, create a balance" between motorized and non-motorized interests, he said. However, Conover doesn’ ... two years ago and still hasn’t been finished because of the fight between motorized and non-motorized interests. The conflict is centered on the Donnell Pond/Tunk Lake/Spring River ...

Continuing Land Sales in Maine's North Woods Lead to Conservation, Fragmentation
"My intentions for the property are conservation and non-motorized recreation," she said. The river frontage on the property totals about 12 miles -- with 6 ... More from this site

River Law: Your river rights, for river navigability, river access, river conservation, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, paddling, whitewater, and fly-fishing.
Landowners often point out that their property deed ... and other activities. The courts have ruled that any and all non-destructive activities on this land ar elegally protected. Public ... -trust enjoyment of the river. But regulations on non-commercial, non-motorized trips are subject to the subject's paramount right ...

River Law: Who owns the rivers? River navigability law, for river access, river rights, river conservation, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, paddling, whitewater, and fly-fishing.
Federal courts have held that even those rivers that are navigable only by small, non-motorized watercraft are still navigable for title purposes. (Remember that other requirements may apply to navigability ... rivers they may do so only in human-powered craft (such as canoes, kayaks, rowboats, non-motorized rafts, etc.) There is no right to use motors in places where motors are prohibited ... More from this site

Off-Road Commission
ORV interests, biologists or soil scientists, landowners, law enforcement, environmental organizations, and non-motorized recreation interests. Three of the commission’s seven members are appointed by the governor; two ...

Great Peninsula Conservancy: How We Conserve Lands
Passive recreational lands: These lands support passive recreational opportunities such as trails, non-motorized water access, and picnicking, viewing and interpretive areas. Trails and trail corridors are a priority ...

Great Peninsula Conservancy: Where We Work -Banner Forest
Although Banner Forest itself is used for hiking, non-motorized biking and horseback riding; the Conservancy property is currently restricted to hiking. It is easy ... More from this site

Bicycle Fixation: Cycling and the Professional Image
What do others think, that is, as they glance at us through windshields? Once ... in addition for the much larger pot of federal dollars available for trails enhancement and non-motorized transportation over the next 5 years, and the simultaneous greater leverage that local communities have ...

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