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NLCP Sister School Program
Delia and Mark Owens to educate Zambian schoolchildren living near the North Luangwa National Park about the need to conserve their natural resources. Delia and Mark discovered ... learned that American children value the African wilderness, and that their wildlife resources in North Luangwa National Park could benefit them through tourism. Although there are many cultural and economic ...

Biographical Sketch of Mark and Delia Owens
North Luangwa Conservation Project (NLCP) in Zambia, a multidimensional approach to wildlife conservation and resource development. When Mark and Delia arrived in North Luangwa, more than ... Houghton Mifflin, details their efforts to reclaim the North Luangwa wilderness from commercial ivory and meat poachers. (See North Luangwa Conservation Project) The Owenses returned to the United ... More from this site

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Serena mountain lodge, Water buffalo and animals at the water hole 2409 00:00 North American opossums rescue and care with Joleen Lutz 2410 00:00 South bay wildlife rehabilitation ... :00 Delia and Mark Owens saving elephants and other wildlife in Zambia, Africa, with the North Luangwa Conservanttion project 2416 00:00 Jonathan S. Adams on concepts of land connectivity Back to ...

The End of Fortress Conservation?
In a statement issued this May, the Foundation stands proud before its achievements: "NLCP [the North Luangwa Conservation Project] has supplanted an illicit poaching economy with one based on improved subsistence ... operators have accused them of taking law and order into their own hands, running North Luangwa as a "private fiefdom". Poaching fishermen, for example, have allegedly been slung by their ...

Hammerskjoeld Simwinga Information, Biography, Facts, Photos -- National Geographic
Zambia's North Luangwa National Park and transform poverty-stricken villages. When Simwinga began work with the North Luangwa Conservation Project in 1994, the local ... sustainable farming to improve both soil and nutrition. The NGO he eventually created, North Luangwa Wildlife Conservation and Community Development Programme, has helped more than 35,000 ...

North Luangwa National Park. Introduction Map of Projects ACAP CITES Cambodia China India - Rapid Action India - Kaziranga ...

Hercules plane from South Africa to the 4,600 square kilometre North Luangwa National Park, in a pilot bid to re-establish Zambia as a stronghold for the ... rhinos will be allowed to roam free in the Luangwa valley. This is an initiative of the Frankfurt Zoological Society, through its North Luangwa Conservation Programme, and the Zambia Wildlife Authority. Funds were ... More from this site

Terrestrial Ecoregions -- Zambezian and Mopane woodlands (AT0725)
Shrublands 182,700 square miles (473,300 square kilometers) -- about the size of Arizona and North Dakota combined Relatively Stable/Intact · African Safari · Special Features · Did You Know? · Wild Side · ... ecoregion embraces several of southern Africa’s major rivers, occupying the bulk of the Zambezi, Luangwa, Shire, and Limpopo river valleys. The woodlands of this region are filled with amazing ...

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