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Nurmes. Finnish Nature League Forest: Northern Karelia, Forest and Park Service, ecological landscape planning, Esko Repola
Nurmes. Finnish Nature League Forest: Northern Karelia, Forest and Park Service, ecological landscape planning, Esko Repola Logging by the governmental Forest and ... -hectare clearcut. Few patches are left of what used to be vast wilderness areas in Northern Karelia - the rest are vanishes due to the ecological forest management of Forest and Park Service ...

Finnish Nature League FNL: reports on old-growth clearcutting in Finland. Stora Enso, UPM-Kymmene, Vapo Timber, Kuhmo, Forest and Park Service, Finnish forestry
Northern Karelia: Old-growth loggings in Valtimo, denounced by Finnish Environmental Institute - photos from old-growth forests before and after clearcutting in 1995 and 1996 Northern Karelia: Loggings in several old-growth areas in Finnish Northern Karelia - classified as valuable old-growth forests by scientists - logged / September-November Northern Karelia: Case ... More from this site

Appendix 6 /
Raesärkät, and had not even notified the Northern Karelia Regional Environment Centre about it. After widespread protests by the inhabitants of Nurmes, the FPS ... like to preserve the area untouched. According to Sirkka Hakalisto, a biologist working for the Northern Karelia Environment Centre, the logic of the FPS is flawed. For example, the FPS has not ...

Contents /
Finnish Forestry Introduction PEFC Certification in Finland The Aims of the Report Eastern and Northern Finland: Old-growth forests still threatened Southern Finland: Forests of high conservation value ... mentioned in the report, locations of the case study sites Pirkanmaa Kainuu North Karelia Lapland Ostrobothnia Häme-Uusimaa Central Finland South Savo South Ostrobothnia Conflicts between forestry ...

Appendices /
Appendix 3 Appendix 4. "Familiar shortcomings came up in the monitoring audit of the North Karelia region forest certification criteria." Article on newspaper Karjalainen November 30, 2000. Translated by authors ... . Translated by authors of this report. >>> Appendix 8 Appendix 9. An announcement of the Northern Salla Reindeer Herders to the Forest and Park Service oppositing the planned loggings in ... More from this site

Global Forest Watch - Russia - Russia's Forests
Less than 5 percent of the volume logged in the Karelia and Komi Republics, Arkhangelsk and Perm Regions comes from such frontier areas. Only in the ... that subsequent investments in reforestation and silviculture often are insufficient. 6. In the perspective of northern European Russia as a whole, removing intact forest landscapes from timber production would only factor ...

About Global Forest Watch
The results of their five-year effort, "The Last Intact Forest Landscapes of Northern European Russia," was released simultaneously today in Moscow and in Washington, DC by the World ... cost of building forest roads. Less than five percent of the volume logged in the Karelia, Komi, Arkhangelsk, and Perm regions come from the remaining intact boreal forests of European Russia ... More from this site

Peakware Site Map: All Ranges - Peakware World Mountain Encyclcopedia
Rhine Area Pennine Chain Scottish Highlands Snowdonia Scandinavia/European Arctic Finland-Kola-Karelia Area Jan Mayen Jotunheimen Spitsbergen Svalbard Western Russia Artic Islands Southern ... Cumberland Plateau Green Mountains Longfellow Mountains Mid-Atlantic Highlands New England Upland Northern Appalachian Ridges Piedmont - Southeast Coast Southern Appalachian Ridges Taconic Range White Mountains ...

finland | Greenpeace UK
Botnia pulp mill and the Stora Enso paper mill in the northern Finnish town of Kemi. Unfurling a banner reading "Stop ancient Forest Destruction", forty protestors ... Trade with Russia, Greenpeace has documented wide-spread illegal logging in the Russian Republic of Karelia.(1) During undercover field research between June and August 2006, campaigners witnessed timber being ...

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(EAKR) IVA Nord Kyllä Northern periphery    Kyllä Baltic Sea Region Kyllä 30.5.2008 Botnia Atlantica Ei vielä EU ENPI-ohjelmat Karelia ENPI Ei vielä KOLARCTIC ENPI ...

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