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Fresh Energy Resources - Energy Justice
Cree Nation (Nelson House) Pimicikamak Cree Nation An interview with Chief John Miswagon, of Northern Manitoba's Pimicikamak Cree - by Natural Resources Defense Council, posted July 14, 2004 South ... , 2001 Lake Winnipeg Regulation Churchill-Nelson River Diversion Project in the Crees of Northern Manitoba, Canada - prepared for the World Commission on Dams, by Luke Hertlein (Protecting Aboriginal ...

Manitoba Hydro Campaign
Cree First Nations of Northern Manitoba have among the highest suicide rates in Canada--ten times the national average. The Pimicikamak Cree at Cross Lake, Manitoba, a community of ... northern Manitoba live. For Indigenous Peoples living in the Boreal Forest, an unhealthy forest ecosystem means unhealthy cultures and unhealthy communities. Fishing and Hunting Damaged. Flooding caused by Manitoba ... More from this site

The GRASS RIVER "Great Canadian Rivers"
Manitoba and Saskatchewan to the shores of Hudson Bay, ... dip south into the limestone-paved plain of the Manitoba Lowlands? For almost half of its 570-kilometre length, ... northern pike, lake trout and whitefish. In its past: Tramping Lake rock painters, Samuel Hearne, David Thompson and the fur brigades of the Upper Track. And in its present: the Manitoba ...

The RED RIVER "Great Canadian Rivers"
Lake Aggasiz extended from northern Saskatchewan in the west to northeastern Ontario in the east, and from southern Minnesota in the south to northern Manitoba in the north. Rising and Falling ... its coverage, the lake drained to the south through the Minnesota River Valley, west through northern Saskatchewan to Alaska, and east to the Great Lakes. About 8,500 years ago, the ... More from this site

Arctic Fox - Land Mammal - The Arctic Fox
Habitat: Range Northern and western Alaska and Canada Northern Canada south to northern Northwest Territories, northeast Alberta, northern Manitoba, northern Quebec, Russia, and Greenland; a few records indicate presence ...

Mooseworld, Sightings
This July 2003 my husband and I headed from our home in Northern Manitoba on our new motorcycle towards Flin Flon. We got into ... years between the months of May and October travelling throughout Northern Ontario seeking photo opportunities of moose and bear. This year (2002 ... being of this wonderful animal in Northern Ontario. A sure way to see many, many moose in Northern Ontario though is to go ...

Northern Canada | Projects | Appreciative Inquiry and Community Development | IISDnet
Such partnerships will enhance the stewardship of Manitoba's forest resources. Shared responsibility and understanding: The project sought to ... Resource Management was funded by the Government of Manitoba's Sustainable Development Innovation Fund and by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. ----------------------------------------- For more information on ...

Northern Shoveler
Poll Previous Polls Waterfowl Bio's and Biology Home > Research > Waterfowl Bio's & Biology > Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) by Wanda Gorsuch Common Names: shoveler, spoonbill, spoony. With their ... main breeding range is concentrated in the prairie pothole and parklands of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, North Dakota and Montana. Winter months finds shovelers in North and Central America ... - A Northern Honey Hole - Don H. Meredith
A Northern Honey Hole - Don H. Meredith IWMC Forum - A Northern Honey Hole - Don H. Meredith Page 1 Page 2 SEARCH IWMC HOME BOOKSTORE eNEWSLETTER IWMC FORUM Don H. Meredith A Northern Honey ... Canadian Shield lakes in northeastern Alberta. Alberta doesn't have the selection of northern lakes our neighbors Saskatchewan and Manitoba boast, but the ones we have are no less jewels in both ...

Manitoba Branch News and Events
Manitoba Power and Ice: How Manitoba Hydro Operates in a Northern Environment February 6, 2007 Speaker: Mike Morris M.Sc., P.Eng Hydroinformatics Engineering, Manitoba Hydro, Winnipeg, Manitoba Manitoba ...

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