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Living on Earth: Nuke Power: Past and Future
Living on Earth: Nuke Power: Past and Future Nuke Power: Past and Future Living on Earth is an independent media program and relies entirely on ... the US. In the still-regulated markets overseas, there are some prospects for more nuclear power, especially in Asian countries, including Korea, China, and Japan. But according to Christopher Flavin of ...

Living on Earth: Three Mile Island Anniversary Special Series
PART II Nuke Power: Past and Future Nuclear power is the newest technology to make electricity on ... one. Nuclear Energy and Climate Change: A Debate Nuclear power was defended and challenged in a formal debate held recently ... say. International Proposals For Nuclear Waste Sites Even if nuclear power could be produced without risk of accident and very inexpensively ... More from this site

Issue Updates Kidney Island Recycling Neenah Incinerator In the Aftermath of Wisconsinís Nuke Power Gap Personal Responsibility New Power Plant Proposed Bicycle and Pedestrian Alert What You Can Do Road Builders Buy ...

Clean Energy
Can Save Energy [Sep, 2003] Bush Weakens Rules for Power Plants [Sept, 2001] Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Standards [Nov, 1999] 200 Protest Power Line [Sep, 1999] Powerline Threatens Wisconsin [May, 1999] The ... [Dec, 1997] Climate Control At Low Cost [July, 1997] In the Aftermath of Wisconsinís Nuke Power Gap Do you have information to share about these issues? Please send it to us ... More from this site

Radio Ecoshock
Nuke Weapons 6 min Nuke Reactor Security Update 7 min Nuke Power Unsafe 13 min 4 Plots to Nuke ... Power Coming Back? Conf. w Helen Caldicott 28 min Nuke Radiation: Impact on Life 29 min Nuke Power: Routine Releases 29 min Nuke Power ...

Welcome to Downwinders
Jonathan Medalia, Congressional Research Service, Report to Congress, March 8, 2004 Funding sought for nuke test site By Christopher Smith, March 19, 2004, Salt Lake Tribune Matheson announces "Safety for ... Paton-Walsh in Moscow, March 27, 2003, The Guardian Special Report: A struggle for nuclear power New Scientist, March 22, 2003 Russia Postpones Nuclear Arms Treaty Vote By MARA D. BELLABY ...

"It seems like what they're doing is trying to use the explosive power to shake the interior into pieces, rather than sending an earth penetrator down to dig ... the Federation of American Scientists. "What it apparently does is envision the use of the nuke on the surface, and that is a very dirty business, because it sucks up the ... More from this site

Radiation Protection News Room | Radiation Protection | US EPA
Nuclear Power Challenges for Nuclear Power Expansion (Council on Foreign Relations) ... power plant in the country in 30 years, and the site is right here in... McCain nuke visit shows pros, cons of technology (WJLA) John McCain visit to a nuclear power ... -press release) Including the field of civilian-sector nuclear power, in return for a pledge by Tehran to ...

EDITORIAL: EPA takes step in right direction 11/30 - Groups oppose nuke plant site plan 11/29 - Asian carp could threaten Great Lakes ... - As water rose, business sank 9/18 - Deal inked to build power plant on Toronto's waterfront 9/18 - The costs of ... - Protect Great Lakes with tougher regulations: Ontario minister 8/17 - Bruce Power seeks OK for new nuclear site 8/17 - Collaborative project brings ...

Friends of the Earth: Anti-nuclear working group
In every step of the nuclear chain, large amounts of waste are generated. Nuclear weapons ... global stockpiles of nuclear weapons now include around 36,000 weapons, with a combined explosive power more than 2,600 times greater than all the explosives used in the Second World ...

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