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Caspian Sea Oil Reserves The Coming Global Oil Crisis
Sea Oil Reserves The Coming Global Oil Crisis Caspian Sea Oil Reserves Home News Schoolhouse Overview Summary Alternatives Experts Bartlett Campbell Cleveland Deffeyes Duncan Hubbert Ivanhoe ... estimated that the Caspian region's possible oil reserves could reach 178 billion barrels, ... [But] several independent consulting firms now place total probable reserves in the Caspian region at about one ...

Russian Oil Reserves, Future Exploration Potential and Production Capability
Russian Oil Reserves, Future Exploration Potential and Production Capability This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

Shell Not Replacing Oil Reserves
Oil Reserves It should be the best of times for the energy giant. But a look at its reserves show Royal Dutch Shell may soon be running ... that ranks third among the top five Western oil companies. But............. Click to read all of this Peak Oil Crisis story If the above link is ... the website concerned and doing a search from there. Back to Peak Oil Crisis News Copyright 2006 Peak-Oil-Crisis. All ...

Cuba's Oil Reserves Becoming As Valued As Its Cigars
Oil Reserves Becoming As Valued As Its Cigars HAVANA, Feb. 14, 2006 (IPS/GIN) -- The need to find new oilfields to satisfy world demand, which could soon outstrip production, has prompted foreign oil ... take an interest in offshore prospecting and drilling around Cuba. According to predictions, global crude oil production is going to fall in terms of both quantity and quality. By around 2015 ... More from this site

nonrenewable - OIL/Petroleum
Did you know- crude oil can be sweet or sour? How Was Oil Formed? Oil was formed from the remains of ... today call crude oil . The word "petroleum" means "rock oil" or "oil from the earth." Where Do We Get Our Oil? Crude oil is a smelly ... oil reserves while drilling fewer wells. Plus, the use of horizontal and directional drilling make it possible for a single well to produce oil ...

Debate about addiction to oil and gas -
When will oil reserves be depleted? There was a broad consensus in the panel that fossil fuels will remain available for most of the 21st century, and stories around peak oil are somewhat exaggerated. People often have misperceptions about the physically recoverable oil reserves (CvdL). The amount of available oil does not only depend on physical ...

Foreign Affairs - Two Cheers for Expensive Oil - Leonardo Maugeri
Oil Politics in Iran and Indonesia Benjamin Smith. Cornell University Press, 2007. THE MARKET AT WORK Widespread fears of waning oil reserves are obscuring the real reasons for the cost of crude oil ... Despite all the predictions of impending catastrophic shortages, the world still possesses immense oil reserves. "Proven" reserves alone, more than 1.1 trillion barrels, could fuel the world economy ...

Foreign Affairs - Book Review - Oil and Politics in the Gulf of Guinea - Ricardo M. S. Soares de Oliveira
Soares de Oliveira has written an important study of the impact of oil on the region's politics. Oil ... More from this site

Cook Inletkeeper - Energy - Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas detailed information on leasing, exploration and production in Cook Inlet and elsewhere. Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission drilling and well data and statistics Energy Bulletin Peak Oil learn about finite oil reserves ...

Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog: America Only Oil-Producing Nation That Severely Limits Its Production
America remains the only oil-producing nation that severely limits its own production. Federal law currently prohibits tapping about 10 billion barrels of oil in the ... have a clear imperative to develop this untapped and readily obtainable supply of American oil. Reece Epstein Research Associate The National Center for Public Policy Research Labels: Energy, Environment ...

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