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Penguin Protection
It runs a public information and advisory service on all aspects on wildlife in the Islands which includes rescuing injured or oiled birds, advising on wildlife management ...

News from the Falklands October 1998
Recent Oilings Highlight Problems Recent events involving oiled birds have highlighted a number of issues which are not adequately addressed in the recently ... emergencies in the Islands, and as having the veterinary expertise useful for dealing with oiled birds, respectively, it does not spell out a clear procedure for dealing with any incident ... More from this site

Environmentalists Against War: Say No! to War
Gulf War. BirdLife International hopes that images of oiled birds do not once again fill ... 1991 onwards. The study investigated the effects on coastal wader populations, and found that the oiled coastline no longer supported significant numbers of waders during the spring migration period of April ...

In the 1993-2002 study on Sable Island most oiled birds observed came ashore as corpses. A very small proportion of oiled birds were alive when found. During the surveys, all seabird corpses ...

ITOPF - About Marine Spills - Environmental Impact
Penguins are an exception and are much more resilient than most other birds. ... , and tend to be highly biologically productive. They often support large populations of migrating birds, indigenous populations of specialist sediment dwellers and shellfisheries. They also act as nursery areas ...

PRBO Conservation Science: Cosco Busan Oil Spill
Oiled Wildlife PRBO biologists also conducted surveys of birds on coastal beaches, including in Bolinas, Alcatraz Island, Point Reyes Beaches, the Farallon Islands, and others. This was to ensure oiled birds ... in the environment long-term which impacts birds by reduced food availability or toxicity of food sources. Mortality Rates: The number of oiled birds collected during a spill is an ...

LIPU-UK -> Working in Britain for Birds in Italy
The cooperation of the townsfolk is ... Italy's only facility (when damage occurs) to deal with "oiled" seabirds is CRUMA, the LIPU Centre at Livorno. NEWS FROM ...

LIPU-UK -> Working in Britain for Birds in Italy
Little Bustard, Stone Curlew, Woodchat Shrike, Egyptian Vulture, Black- ... in coordinating the Operation Icaro against poaching of birds, and illegal smuggling of wild birds. Finally, two LIPU activists from Ischia were ... south of the country. We have a story of an oiled Puffin restored to health and successfully released back to sea. ... More from this site

Sable Island Birds 1.1a
Sable Island Birds 1.1a A Northern Fulmar Fulmarus glacialis grounded on the beach in late April. Individuals ... found during the beached bird surveys indicate that live birds are also in the Sable area during December through February.

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