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Washington State Ocean Sciences Bowl
State Ocean Sciences Bowl Congratulations ExCEL Academic League! ExCEL wins the 2008 Orca Bowl On Saturday, February 9, despite record levels of snow in the Cascade Mountains, thirteen high ... geology, physics, history and economics of the ocean. The ExCEL Academic League team wins the Orca Bowl competition for the second time in a row. This year, these bright and enthusiastic homeschoolers ...

Washington State Ocean Sciences Bowl
Washington State Ocean Sciences Bowl During the Orca Bowl, competing teams will be faced with two types of questions. The first is multiple-choice ... More from this site

Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People
This bear head (ca A.D. 800) was carved on a large wooden bowl that was carbonized in a house fire; it was recovered from the Matsunorikawa Kitagishi site ... /captions - Stills 1. Killer Whale Effigy (replica), Middle Jomon The Ainu know the killer whale (orca) as the god of the sea (repun-kamuy). In the past orcas were both feared ...

Orca Network Lolita - Lolita's life today
Lolita's only orca friend is a children's inflatable toy. Lolita is the ... Secretary of State Ralph Munro, a dedicated opponent of the orca display industry since he and his wife witnessed a capture ... but how much longer can she stay alive in a concrete bowl? Orca Network Please contact Orca Network to inquire about educational use of any ...

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