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West Eugene Wetlands Project
Wetlands Project Index of Memos Index of Memos with descriptions Memos: MEM01: Memo to Eugene City Council re Staff Alternatives and Recommendations for WEWSAS, 5/20/1992 MEM02: Recommendations by the Oregon Wetlands Joint Venture ...

West Eugene Wetlands Project
Oregon Wetlands Joint Venture for FY 96 Appropriations, 3/5/1995 These are recommendations concerning Fiscal Year 1996 funding of wetlands restoration projects were made by by the steering committee of the Oregon Wetlands Joint Venture ... More from this site

Greenbelt Land Trust: Links
Oregon Land Trusts Map of Oregon Land Trusts Earth Share of Oregon Land Trust Alliance The Nature Conservancy Trust for Public Land ... of Albany Parks & Recreation Linn County Parks Department William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge Oregon Wetlands Joint Venture Greenbelt Land Trust PO Box 1721 Corvallis, OR 97339 (541) 752-9609 info@greenbeltlandtrust ...

Bruce Taylor - Defenders of Wildlife
Oregon since 1992. Prior to that, he worked for nearly a decade as a congressional aide in northern California and Washington DC. He is also executive director for the Oregon Habitat Joint Venture ... Whale Wolf, Gray Wolverine Woodland Caribou Woodpeckers -- Habitat -- Desert Forest Grasslands Marine Wetlands Choose a state or region Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut ...

PRBO Conservation Science: Conservation Planning
Joint Ventures: California Current Joint Venture Central Valley Habitat Joint Venture Intermountain West Joint Venture Pacific Coast Joint Venture Riparian Habitat Joint Venture San Francisco Bay Joint Venture Sonoran Joint Venture ... in the Columbia Plateau of Oregon and Washington Southern Pacific Shorebird ... as ecosystem indicators. From restoring wetlands to managing fisheries, bird science ...

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