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Johns Hopkins University Press | Books | A Guide to Survivorship for Women with Ovarian Cancer
Reviews "This important book should be included in all consumer health collections, ... for Women with Ovarian Cancer apart."—Bookwatch "Provides a great place for a newly diagnosed woman to start learning about the disease."—Susan McIntyre, Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance Newsletter "Because ...

Women who breastfeed reduce their risk of ovarian cancer, pre-menopausal breast cancer, and post-menopausal hip fractures; reduce postpartum bleeding and iron deficiency anemia; and ...

Kind Planet Environmental Info - Biodiversity - Part of Our Environmental Forum
For example, a drug to combat ovarian cancer has recently been developed from components of the Pacific yew tree. Still, only 2% of ... of those diagnosed survive. Although pharmaceutical companies have attempted to replicate the periwinkle's anti-cancer alkaloid compounds, synthetic vincristine has been found to be only 20% as effective as ...

MedlinePlus: Endocrine System Topics
Ovarian Cancer Ovarian Cysts Ovarian Insufficiency see Premature Ovarian Failure Pancreas Transplantation Pancreatic Cancer Pancreatic Diseases Parathyroid Disorders Pheochromocytoma Pituitary Disorders Polycystic Ovary Syndrome see Ovarian Cysts Pregnancy and Diabetes see Diabetes and Pregnancy Premature Ovarian ...

California Native Plant Society - Publications
Issues Posters Online Store CNPS Press Online Bookstore Submissions Taxol, which is used to treat ovarian cancer, was discovered in the bark of the Pacific yew tree. Dedicated to the Preservation of ...

Presently a source of both frustration and hope is the fact that alternatives to incineration ...

Breast Cancer Background, Part 2
A person who has this modified gene, labelled BRCA-1 (meaning Breast Cancer 1), has an 85% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer, as well as a significantly higher risk of ovarian cancer ... gene BRCA-1 has prompted investigators to identify other genes that may contribute to breast cancer, ovarian cancer and the breast-ovarian cancer syndrome.

Breast Cancer Genes
Cancer Genes All about Breast Cancer Genes BRCA-1 Recently, scientists have begun to isolate genes responsible for hereditary breast cancer. In 1994 the gene, named Breast Cancer 1 (BRCA- ... been linked to the development of breast and ovarian cancer. In 1995, scientists developed experimental tests for detecting several recently discovered cancer genes, including BRCA-1. However preliminary studies ... More from this site

A new technology for cancer screening listens for the signs of cancer
When the mesothelin binds to an antibody, the ... Materiel Command Prostate Cancer Research Program, the National Science Foundation, The V Foundation, the National Cancer Institute and the Georgia Cancer Coalition. Source: American Association for Cancer Research ...

A Study of MORAb-009 in Subjects With Pancreatic Cancer, Mesothelioma, or Certain Types of Ovarian or Lung Cancer
Cancer Mesothelioma Ovarian Cancer Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Drug: MORAb-009 Phase I MedlinePlus related topics: Lung Cancer; Mesothelioma; Ovarian Cancer; Pancreatic Cancer ... More from this site

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