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Owens Valley EcoRestoration Workshop
Owens Valley EcoRestoration Workshop Ecological Restoration Workshop Ecological Restoration in Montane, Riparian, and Upland Habitats in the Owens Valley When: August 7-8, 1999 Audience: UC graduate ... Owens Valley—the site of diverse and challenging (political and ecological) restoration issues. These issues include rewatering and habitat restoration, pollution control from airborne alkali in Owens ...

Symposium, a two-day workshop (Ecological restoration in montane, riparian, and upland habitats in the Owens Valley) was offered. Home | About Us | Objectives | Projects | Publications | Contacts This page last updated March 18 ... More from this site

USGS Patuxent wildlife Research Center: Biological Survey Unit History
Research Center: Biological Survey Unit History Biological Survey members in the field at Lone Pine, Owens Valley, California, 13 June1891. Left to right: V.O. Bailey, C.H. Merriam, T.S. Palmer ...

John Muir & I
Owens Valley. It's actually hard to see from the foothills as you ... horse and camp and food." He retreated to Independence, in the Owens Valley, rested a day, then pushed up what is now known as ... boxes. You know, I was a backcountry ranger at Little Yosemite Valley almost 20 years ago when my supervisor started putting up the ...

NGDC/WDC STP, Boulder-IAU Working Group Solar Obs Links from NGDC
IZMIRAN, Russia Kislovodsk, Russia Learmonth, Australia Nancay, France Nobeyama, Japan Ondrejov, Czech Republic Oporto Radiospectrograph Owens Valley Solar Array Palehua, Hawaii Penticton, Canada PHOENIX Radio Spectrometer Potsdam, Germany RATAN 600 Radiotelescope Sagamore ...

GEOSCIENCE Support Services, Inc.
Journal of the AWWA. July, 1971. Ground Water Development and Management in the Owens Valley. Presented at the 90th Annual Conference of the AWWA. October 1970. Ground Water Basin ... Ground Water Quality Symposium. Las Vegas, Nevada. Sep 27, 1984. Geohydrologic Investigation of the Owens Valley Ground Water Reservoir. Ph.D. Dissertation. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. June, ...

STEPPING OUTSIDE THE BOX: Water in Southern California
Soon water from the Owens Valley and from other distant places would no longer be viewed ... Angeles Department of Water and Power began work to extend the Owens Valley aqueduct north, and still later, it sponsored the Boulder Dam ... is that of LA and the Owens Valley where a thriving agricultural area was returned to sage brush and Owens Lake was reduced to dust ...

Current Events in the Mono Basin
NZMS prefer in the Upper Owens River, he thinks it is very unlikely that the snails are in Rush Creek! Historic ... acres of DWP land in the Eastern Sierra due to lack of support from the Owens Valley and Los Angeles. There is still support for permanently protecting the lands, but the current ... More from this site

Biographical Sketch of Mark and Delia Owens
Luangwa National Park of Zambia. Delia Owens, Ph.D., B.S., and Mark Owens M.Ed., B.S., have conducted ... had already been slaughtered by poachers in the Luangwa Valley; each year 1,000 elephants were still being killed in the ... October 10, 1988 International Wildlife (National Wildlife Federation) - July-August 1989 Owens Foundation Brochure - Fall 1989 Fernbank Program - lecture - November 1, 1989 ...

The Kalahari Years
Mark and Delia eventually settled in a tree island in Deception Valley, more than eight hours from the nearest outpost of civilization. In ancient times, the Kalahari ... channels remain today, bordered by slightly elevated sand dunes. Deception Valley is located on one of these ancient river beds. Delia Owens greets the brown hyena "Pepper." For seven years, Delia and ... More from this site

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