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According to Paul Brodeur, author of the book, "The Zapping of America", military and industrial interests have prevented biologists ...

Books on the Topic of Electromagnetic Appliance Hazards
Lines, Computer Terminals, and the Attempt to Cover Up Their Threat to Your Health by Paul Brodeur A compilation of the articles which appeared in The New Yorker that focused the spotlight ...

Books on the Topic of Activism & Electromagnetic Safety
Paul Brodeur First he exposed the asbestos industry. Now Paul Brodeur reveals the dangers of high voltage and high current power lines and industry's attempts to cover them up. Tough and highly controversial, Paul Brodeur ... More from this site

EPA's furtive asbestos hand
New York's Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, which were publicized in articles by Paul Brodeur of the New Yorker and amplified by Ralph Nader and hordes of toxic tort lawyers ...

Global Ocean Flux Study (Guest Editors: Toshiro Saino, Alexander S. Bychkov, Chen-Tung A. Chen, Paul J. Harrison and Ichiro Yasuda) J. Oceanogr. 2004. Vol. 60, No. 1, pp. 1-203 ... Oceanography Pacific climate variability and marine ecosystem impacts (Guest Editors: Stewart M. McKinnell, Richard D. Brodeur, Kimio Hanawa, Anne B. Hollowed, Jeffrey J. Polovina and Chang-Ik Zhang) Prog. Oceanogr. 2001 ...

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