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The Eared Trogon [Euptilotis neoxenus] in Arizona: Behavior, Ecology, and Management of the "Northern Quetzal"
August 1991, when a male and female were discovered in the Coronado National Forest Miller Peak Wilderness within 1 km of the boundary of The Nature Conservancy's Ramsey Canyon Preserve. The ... , and use of the Hamburg Trail, which provides access through the preserve to the Miller Peak Wilderness, more than doubled over the same period, from 229 users in 1990 to 489 in ...

Birding & Natural History Programs - Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory
Miller Canyon Road and explore moderately challenging trails in the Coronado National Forest Miller Peak Wilderness Area. (Participant parking is in the National Forest trailhead parking area below the orchard.) Canyon ...

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory Field Trip Photo Album: Miller Canyon and Beatty's Guest Ranch
Upper Miller Canyon (right) falls within the Miller Peak Wilderness Area. Here the stream channel follows a steep course among boulders and through groves of ... More from this site

Pahute Peak Wilderness. On Sunday, a hike to Pahute Peak (8594') is planned. Get your hands dirty and enjoy the wilderness ...

DS Past Trips = Fall 2006
Steve Tabor, (510) 769-1706. October 7-8 (Sat-Sun) Chimney Peak Wilderness Carcamp (M) Northern Kern County Enjoy two days of hiking east of Lake Isabella on ... ) Cady Mountains Backpack (M/S) East Mojave Desert Immediately east of Barstow is a proposed wilderness area. Although these mountains appear desolate from the Interstate highway nearby, the interior valleys, washes ... More from this site

Success Stories | Campaign for America's Wilderness
California: Big Sur Region Jim Rose Expands the Ventana Wilderness by 37,000 acres and the Silver Peak Wilderness by 8,000 acres to protect a highly diverse coastal ecosystem that ... steep-sided, sharp-crested ridges and craggy peaks falling into V-shaped valleys. . Colorado: James Peak Wilderness Jeff Widen Protects 14,000 acres of national forest on the east side of the ...

Colong Foundation for Wilderness
M for wilderness acquisition in NSW. The Budawang Committee contributed over $73,000 for the acquisition of Crown leasehold lands at Corang Peak in the Budawang wilderness. Two women - Catherine Clare White and Genevieve Little - made generous bequests. These gifts enabled the purchase of 1846 hectares near Sassafras adjacent to the Ettrema Wilderness ...

Colong Foundation for Wilderness
Wilderness - Kybeyan Range looking into the Brogo Gorge. Goodradigbee Wilderness - Late snowfall (October) in the Goodradigbee wilderness. Goodradigbee Wilderness - The Scabby Range in the Goodradigbee wilderness. Bogong Peaks - Big Plain Peak from Mount Jounama. Jagungal Wilderness - Jagungal Wilderness ... More from this site

Goongerah Gathering East Gippsland Festival Events Celebrate and defend Old Growth Forests GECO Concerned Residents of East Gippsland The Wilderness Society Friends of the Earth Environment Victoria Punk Gigs Tecnho Doof Rave DJ's Bands Acoustic Music Su
FOE Fitzroy, Bairnsdale Wholefoods, Pickets Gift Shop Mallacoota, Wilderness Society Shop Sydney, 2XX Radio Canberra, Bega Con. Council, and GECO. For more information - ... campaigners to promote awareness of East Gippsland. We are inviting the participation of the peak and city based environmental groups, however we are requesting that the city based groups ...

Peak Oil News Archives October November 2006
Government Oil Production Forecasts? - Oil Drum UK Oct 20 Major Problems Of Surviving Peak Oil - Oct 20 Peak Oil - The Clock Is Ticking - Oct 20 Oil, Smoke & ... 12 $100 Oil Still On Horizon - MarketWire Oct 12 The Markets React To Peak Oil - From The Wilderness UK Prepaid Mastercard Back to Peak Oil Crisis Copyright 2006 Peak-Oil-Crisis.

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