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Action Needed to Prevent Spread of Bird Diseases
Cruise ship visitors at Gypsy Cove, January 2005. Passengers visit many penguin colonies on one cruise, but are not required to follow a disinfectant procedure in the Falkland ...

The Feral Sheep of Campbell Island
Where rockfalls slope down to the sea are the rockhopper penguin colonies numbering hundreds of thousands of ...

Earthwatch In The News - Earthwatch
Earthwatch's South African Penguins, interviewed three penguin researchers to find out more about life in penguin colonies. For more, visit: " Life and Times of the African Penguin" 11/07 Earthwatch's Director of ...

Extinction: The Story of the Passenger Pigeon
Only a flimsy nest was made and its habit of nesting in vast colonies and migrating in huge flocks made it very easy to attack. The birds fed mainly ... /\ This exerpt has been taken from Clive Ponting's 'A Green History of the World', Penguin Books, 1992, (p168-170). This book is well worth getting your hands on, it costs ...

Pirate Utopias (Do or Die)
British trade with the colonies, and crippling the emerging system of global exploitation, slavery and colonialism.(2) ... London, Salamander, 1996) Hill, Christopher - Liberty Against the Law: Some Seventeenth Century Controversies (London, Penguin, 1996) Hill, Christopher - 'Radical Pirates?' in Collected Essays, Vol. 3 (Brighton, Harvester, ... More from this site

Penguin Protection
Gentoo Penguin population in the last 20 years and a decline of 90% in the Rockhopper penguin population over the past 60 years. All major breeding colonies for these species were identified and a baseline established for future monitoring and research. Seabird Monitoring Programme: Through its Falkland Islands Seabird Monitoring Programme penguin research ... - Nature and Outdoor Activities in Abel Tasman National Park
There is a profusion of wildlife, with many birds and, in places, colonies of fur seals basking in the sun on the rocks. These walks also cross a ... Great Walks. Reed. John Cobb 1990: The Walking Tracks of New Zealand's National Parks. Penguin.

Falklands Penguins
It is the only penguin in the region increasing in numbers, partly fuelled by immigration. Gentoo Penguin (Pygoscelis papua) The Gentoo Penguin is scattered in small colonies throughout the Islands which ... Penguin is noisy, quarrelsome and the smallest penguin breeding in the Falklands. It is adept at climbing very steep rock faces in a series of bounds with both feet together. Close-packed colonies ...

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Live Aviary Cam
Kelp Forest Sea Otters Freshwater Otters Outer Bay Monterey Bay Penguin Cam Help Our live web cams are made possible through ... on a leash at the beach protects shorebirds. Most snowy plover colonies are monitored by state park volunteers or staff, who rescue ... survive in the wild, we release them near other plover colonies on local beaches. Snowy plover chicks behind the scenes. Inspiring conservation ... - National Parks of New Zealand - Fiordland National Park
They breed on islands, especially Breaksea Island. Blue penguins, the world's smallest penguin, are common in New Zealand waters and in Fiordland are found from Doubtful Sound south ... leopard seals, more rarely, from their Antarctic breeding grounds. Hooker's sea lions, whose main colonies are on the Auckland Islands, are re-establishing themselves on mainland New Zealand, albeit in ...

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