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Identifying Pesticide Ingredients Using an MSDS
Pesticide Ingredients Using an MSDS originally published in: Journal of Pesticide Reform. Fall 2000. 20(3):22 According to U.S. law, the label of a pesticide product identifies only certain pesticide ...

EPA Must Review Pesticide Secrets
April 1, 2003 CONTACT: Caroline Cox, NCAP, 541-344-5044 x24 EPA Must Review Pesticide Secrets Court Rules Agency Can No Longer Routinely Accept Manufacturers' Claims of Confididentiality ... .S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must stop routinely accepting manufacturers' claims that certain pesticide-related information deserves to be protected as confidential business information. In a case ... More from this site

Schools: Resources for Reducing Pesticide Use. NCAP Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
Reducing Pesticide Use. NCAP Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides School Pesticide Use: Resources for Promoting Healthier Schools Pesticide Use in Schools Despite the hazards to children and ... Pesticide Use as Last Resort in Schools, 2005. PDF Stopping a School Pesticide Spray Project in Boise, 2001. PDF House Kills Federal School Pesticide Amendment, 2001 and New Pesticide Policy ...

The Journal of Pesticide Reform
Pesticide Reform Journal of Pesticide Reform NCAP published the nationally recognized Journal of Pesticide Reform for many years. In 1979, the first issue was ... and was re-named in 1985. The last issue, Journal of Pesticide Reform, Vol. 26 no. 4, came out in December 2006. More than 140 of the articles published in the Journal of Pesticide Reform are available on our web site. Most are listed on ... More from this site

Pesticides: Environmental Health in Minnesota
Provide consultation to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture about pesticide health risks, and health risk assessment guidance/policy; and Encourage efforts to prevent unnecessary exposures to pesticides and pests. For more information about our pesticide-related activities, see Programs/Services or contact the Health Risk Assessment Unit, hra@ ...

Co-op's Online Pesticide Programme
Cooperative Retail is at the forefront of pesticide reduction because both our customers and members want this. In a recent survey of ... links to recognised resources, internal search engine, noticeboard, glossary and quizes. Test your knowledge of pesticide use in UK CROPCoP is part of Cooperative Food Ethical Policy and helps trace Food ...

Pesticide Notice board
(National Pesticide Strategy). Freshinfo .com Pesticide scores awarded to major retailers GlobalGap takes over ... not necessary, there is a Voluntary Inititiative developing improved pesticide control. Farmers Weekly issue rules for pesticide use 2007 The Royal Commission Environmental Pollution Report (Sept 2005 ... More from this site

Deter Pests and Use Less Pesticide With Good Home Maintenance
Maintenance This article first appeared in the Austin American Statesman. Deter Pests and Use Less Pesticide With Good Home Maintenance by Erik Bliss City of Austin Drainage Utility For decades we ...

GreenTruck: State FIFRA/Pesticide Contacts
Alaska Alaska Dept of Envionmental Conservation Pesticide Department 500 S Alaska Street Palmer AK 99645 Tel: (907 ... CT Dept of Environmental Prot. Bureau of Waste Management Pesticide/PCB Management Division 79 Elm Street Hartford CT 06106 Tel: ... (217) 785-0253 Iowa Iowa Dept of Agriculture & Land Stewardship Pesticide Bureau Wallace State Office Building Des Moines IA 50319- ...

Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program | Pesticides | US EPA
Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) is a voluntary program that forms partnerships with pesticide users to reduce the potential health and environmental risks associated with pesticide use and implement pollution prevention strategies. While government regulation can reduce pesticide ...

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