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The World Bank's Dangerous Medicine
Health Dates: PID Prepared: 1/15/97; PID Revised: 1/14/98; Appraisal date: 11/ 6/98; Projected Board Date: 2/26/98 Environmental Classification: Category C Quote from PID: "rehabilitation ... PROJECT) Sector: Basic Health Dates: Date PID prepared: 11/5/97; Projected board Date: 12/17/98 Environmental Classification: not provided in the PID. Quote from PID: (Annex, Environmental and Social Aspect): ...

Earth Share of Missouri - Home Page
Volunteers should be prepared to work hard and get dirty removing trash, tires and debris of all kinds ... at REI.

GALVIN REPORT Alternative Futures for the Department of Energy National Laboratories Prepared by the Secretary Of Energy Advisory Board Task Force on Alternative Futures for the Department ... of Radioactive and Chemical Wastes D.Science-Engineering E.Economic F.Governance Appendices White Papers Prepared by the Department of Energy for the Galvin Report This is the second volume of ...

Apologies to Santayana
RU presentation) Additional notes and case law prepared with the Student Press Law Center Where does liberty come from? ... A Similar Example is ) Look at chapter 120 (Zoning) section 791 in ... big issues on a global scale. Additional notes and case law Prepared by: Bill Kovarik, Ph.D., Professor, Dept. of Media Studies ...