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Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council Committees, Committee Chairpersons and Duties
The Outreach Committee provides outreach concerning the activities of the FLEPPC. Chair: Katy Roberts Pinellas County 727/726-1455 Plant Industry Liaison The Plant Industry Liaison Committee ... annual symposium related to the goals and objectives of the FLEPPC. Chair: Katy Roberts Pinellas County 727/726-1455 Vendor The Vendor Committee serves as liaison with ...

What is Groundwater Guardian?
Mapping Activities Greater Lansing Area, MI (Abandoned Well) Green County, MO (Well Survey) Orange County, NY (Mapping) Cambridge, Ontario (Assorted Well Projects) Wellhead Protection ... Groundwater Consortium, OH (School Video) Lincoln/Lancaster County, NE (Student-lead Well Testing) Marshfield Area, WI (Water Festival) Pinellas County, FL (Educational Music CD) National Water Monitoring ...

National Association for Interpretation
Education Director; Pinellas County, Environmental Lands Division; Tarpon Springs, FL 34688 Ph: 727-453-6907; Katrina Morrell Education Coordinator; Brevard County Environmentally ... Virginia Mona Enquist-Johnston * Manager, Volunteer & Interpretive Service Section; Fairfax County Authority; Annandale, VA 22003 Ph: 703-324-8513; mona.enquistjohnston@fairfaxcounty ...

Bicycle Fixation: The Forgotten Commodity
Thirsty Boy? One million people are going to sleep here in Pinellas County tonight. They will all want to take showers, flush toilets and yes ... you haven't got any. (Like us.) It is mid-June, and Pinellas County is just now coming out of the worst drought in recorded ... it for everyone else. Why not you? The big trend here in Pinellas County isn't building--it's re-building. With less than 2% ...

Butterfly Links - North American Butterfly Association
Orange County Florida LEPSrUS (Florida Butterflies Listserver) NABA-Atala Chapter (Palm Beach County) NABA-Broward Chapter NABA-Choctaw Chapter NABA-Miami Blue NABA-Pinellas County NABA-Sarasota County Butterfly Club Georgia Butterflies of Georgia Georgia Butterflies - Many county records ...

Butterfly Club Local Chapters - North American Butterfly Association
NABA-Pinellas County Mary Ann Kuzmickas - President E-mail: Web site: NABA-Sarasota County Butterfly Club Catherine LaBrie - President 1131 ... mail: Web site: NABA-Broward County Butterfly Chapter Janice Malkoff - President E-mail: Web site: http:// ... More from this site

Lampropeltis getula
Alachua County north. Eastern kingsnake, Lampropeltis getula getula 1b 40 or more light-colored crossbands on the back; peninsula Florida south from Volusia County on the east coast and Pinellas County on the ...

Ramphotyphlops braminus
Lake Okeechobee, and in isolated populations near Fort Myers and in Pinellas County and in Gainesville. Outside of Florida, it has been widely introduced in many tropical localities ... More from this site

Global Coalition of Wildlife Managers promoting conservation of habitat, wildlife resources and the concept of Sustainable Use.
Hunting By Dr. Reptiles and Amphibians
PM 0 Comments Thursday, October 11, 2007 FL County's First Leatherbacks Walton County, FL, noted the first documented hatching of ... sea turtle nest of the season has been found for Pinellas County on Treasure Island. 115 nests were found last year along 28 ... 37 PM 0 Comments About Me Name: Chad Arment Location: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States View my complete profile Links Herper. ...

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