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McTighe Oil-Water Separators
There is an open area beneath our Corrugated Parallel Plate pack that allows sediment to pass downstream of the plates and accumulate behind a sludge baffle. The McTighe Corrugated Parallel Plate arrangement greatly reduces ...

McTighe Oil-Water Separators
Others have a solids collection area directly below a corrugated plate pack that limits access ... a plate spacing much greater than 3/4". The plates are also inclined upwards at a 45o angle that allows solids to drop out of the corrugated plate pack. Our unique corrugated plate design ... More from this site

Oil Water Separators and Separation Systems Operational Theory
Flow control and direction must be determined to prevent hydraulic short circuiting around, under or over the media pack. A laminar flow condition ... an equally sized coalescing separator. The coalescing design is known by many names ie. parallel plate, corrugated plate, slant rib coalescer so on and so forth. However, the concept, operation and ...

How PS International Oil-Water Separators Work  (605) 332-1885
The parallel plate pack in the PSI ... plate spacing is large enough to prevent plugging from debris and trash. An open area is located directly below the plate frame to prevent the accumulation of solids in front of the plate pack. The plate pack provides a crucial role in separation so it is vital that this pack ...

PSI Separator Design, Construction and Maintenance  (605) 332-1885
The location of this coalescer ensures that it has ... large coalescer access manway equipped with steel channels which allow the Pack to slide in and out of the vessel. This design ... can easily remove and reinstall the coalescer from grade with the Pack lifting rod. You should know: An OSHA approved confined space ... More from this site

Inclined Plate Clarifiers
The raw water from the Inlet Chamber passes down under the plate pack skirt and moves upwards towards the polypropylene plate pack. As the water moves upwards the suspended particles have their upwards velocity interrupted by the inclined plates. These particles drop down and slide down the inclined plate and ...

Hopper Oil Water Separators
Optional integral oil storage Operation The separator shall be a special purpose prefabricated parallel corrugated plate gravity displacement type oil/water separator designed to remove free and dispersed non-emulsified oil ... have a 45 to 60 degree angle with respect to the horizontal. Flow through the plate pack will be in a cross-flow configuration. This allows the oil to collect and coalesce ... More from this site

Hiking Gear
Multi-Nav, compasses Camp/Hike - Navigation - Compasses - Brunton Brunton Eclipse Base Plate Compass The Brunton Eclipse Base Plate Compass is incredibly simple and easy to use. Price $24.47 Free ... including a thermometer and chronograph. The TrailDrops negligible one ounce weight hangs effortlessly from your pack, jacket, or belt loop with its handy webbing-key ring attachment. Price $34.97 ...

Bicycle Fixation: Of Time, and Love, and My First Bicycle
Sting Ray could feel like a virile member of a pack of Hell's Angels on Harley Davidsons because of how high up ... in fact two pieces of chrome pipe, sprouting symmetrically from a metal plate above the front wheel. A normal bicycle does not have two handle ... fitted with an extra tall seat post. On one such occasion a pack of racers riding thousand dollar machines and dressed in multi-colored skin ...

Pollution Control Systems, Inc. :: Oil/water separators, gravity separators
PACKAGE PLANTS INSTALLATIONS LIFT/PUMP STATIONS ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT CLARIFIERS CIRCULAR MECHANICAL PARALLEL PLATE TERTIARY FILTERS OIL/WATER SEPARATORS GLOSSARY OF TERMS DOCUMENT DOWNLOADS DELIVERY ... of polishing pack material. The polishing pack is enclosed in a framework for easy accessibility to the interior of the system. Coalescence Media Pack Polishing Pack sitemap | home | contact ...

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