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Printed Matter -- John Mulligan -- Page
Boston Globe. Tripp's book, "Father, Solider, Son," is the memoir of a scared young platoon leader in Vietnam told from the perspective of a grown man many years later. It represents ...

Adventure Magazine: Winter 1999/2000 @
Vietnam to make peace with the ghost of the 23-year-old platoon leader he once was—and with the past that haunts him still. …I ... the ghost of who I used to be, a 23-year-old rifle platoon leader in the Third Marine Division, a man I am sometimes proud of ... black hair graying at the temples. During the war, Vinh had been a platoon leader like me, commanding 42 men in the first battalion, 40th brigade of ...

River Heroes
"Jim" Compton. Jim is a remarkable man. Although he served as a decorated Marine Corps Platoon Leader at Iwo Jima, he has worked all his life for world peace. Over the years ... become the heart and soul of the state-wide organization - not to mention it's leader; source of inspiration, strategic thinker and tireless volunteer. His concern for protecting fish has evolved ...

Eugene Weekly : Movie Review : 11.17.05
Troy. Here's a man who loves the corps and wants to stay in. He's a natural leader ... leader of the platoon in the field and a loyal Marine to his core, but he does not risk their lives needlessly. Sometimes a hands-on leader ...

Eugene Weekly : Movies : 12.02.04
I'm seeing something I shouldn't. Where is the Oliver Stone of JFK or Platoon? The risk-taker, the creative intelligence behind telling a story in images you couldn't ... half is his father, Philip of Macedonia (Val Kilmer), a brutish king and former military leader with one good eye. Philip takes Alexander to a grotto where cultural icons such as ... More from this site

Back to Babylon: A Surgeon's Service in Iraq - Open Spaces Magazine
Basra. Seven Marine battalions established camps in the major cities of Southern Iraq, and with platoon sized patrols walked the streets assisting local leaders to establish law and order. The Marines ... were participating in Friday prayer services at this holy shrine. The explosion vaporized the Shiite leader Ayatollah Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim. The Ayatollah was a Shiite cleric who had been forced ...

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