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Science and the Environment Bulletin: Water Quality in Point Pelee Marsh
Environment Bulletin: Water Quality in Point Pelee Marsh Water Quality in Point Pelee Marsh Point Pelee National Park, on the northwest shore of Lake Erie, contains one of the finest surviving ... a point that its natural biodiversity is threatened by a variety of sources. Elevated levels of nutrients, including phosphates and ammonia, were found in several open-water ponds in Point Pelee ...

Science and the Environment Bulletin: The Bulletin Library
Atmosphere Sampling on the Go Lake Breezes Linked to Severe Weather Water Quality in Point Pelee Marsh Document Acrobat PDF (662k Acrobat PDF document) Download the Acrobat Reader July/August, 2001 ... More from this site

Bibliography of Invasive Plants
Company Limited, Toronto (1982). Rodger, Lindsay. "Exotic species removal for restoration of Southern Ontario forests." Point Pelee National Park. White, David J., Erich Haber, and Cathy Keddy. Invasive Plants of Natural Habitats ...

Controling Invasive Plants
"Control Methods for Exotic Species" prepared by Lindsay Rodger of Point Pelee National Park. These methods are provided as a guideline for the removal of small scale ... More from this site

PRB for Phosphate Treatment
Point Pelee where on-site wastewater disposal occurred 20 years ago Phosphate and nitrate at a former tile bed site at Point Pelee Remediation Strategy In-situ permeable ... Waybrant, K. and Thompson, D., 1998. Release of nutrients from on-site wastewater disposal systems, Point Pelee National Park, Ontario, Canada. In: Proceedings of the 1998 Annual Meeting of the Parks ...

The Eared Trogon [Euptilotis neoxenus] in Arizona: Behavior, Ecology, and Management of the "Northern Quetzal"
This agrees with a study of birder behavior conducted at Point Pelee National Park, a birding "hotspot" in southern Canada (Butler and Fenton 1986). Given the ... Ramsey Canyon. Literature Cited Butler, J. R. and G. D. Fenton. 1986. Bird watchers of Point Pelee National Park, Canada: Their characteristics and activities, with special consideration to their social and ...

Parks in the Great Lakes Region
Point Pelee Great Canadian Parks Point Pelee, a 10-kilometre sandspit stretching as far south as the northern border of ...

Great Lakes Circle Tour: Lake Erie
Located along the southeastern shore of Lake Erie. Norfolk County, Ontario Port Dover, Long Point and other wonderful communities offer great getaway ideas. Toledo, Ohio Located along the ... Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Ontario Parks Ministry of Natural Resources Point Pelee Great Canadian Parks Point Pelee, a 10-kilometre sandspit stretching as far south as the northern border of ... More from this site

Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands: Science and Conservation – Canadian Wildlife Service, Ontario Region
Canada and has only been found at Point Pelee National Park (last observed in 1920) and Pelee Island (last observed in 1977). Fowler' ... efforts by local groups and individuals. National Wildlife Areas Long Point / Tim Hagen The Canadian Wildlife Service owns and manages ... understood and appreciated by landowners, governments and the public. At Point Pelee on Lake Erie, the area's wetlands were found to ...

Endangered Species Facts
Lake Erie, the mainland peninsula between Catawba and Marblehead, Ohio, and Point Pelee, Ontario. Why is the Lake Erie Water Snake Proposed to be Listed as Threatened? Habitat ...

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