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2007 Research Program
Last year we initiated a study looking at predator reduction in the parklands. In this study Southern Illinois University master’s student John Dassow ... two years Matt Pieron (Ph.D. student, Louisiana State University) has been using the numerous predator-reduction blocks in North Dakota to test for density dependence in ducks. In many wildlife populations ...

Statement by Tom Banks, Alaska Representative, Defenders of Wildlife - Defenders of Wildlife
Alaska law prohibits the killing of pups in their dens as part of a predator reduction effort (Regulation 5AAC 92.110(i)) What’s more, the state itself advised the ... upcoming vote. “Predator reduction efforts deserve careful scrutiny and justification. The state needs to ban any control efforts during denning season. The state should make sure that any predator reduction programs are legal ...

Fisheries Resource Kit
SFA amends previously insufficient fishery management legislation with specific reference to habitat protection, bycatch reduction, and the implementation of ecosystem-based management. The three stated purposes of the ...

No Evolution Without Revolution (Do or Die)
Highlands: "Wolves were the most important predator of ungulates [hoofed animals] across the northern hemisphere and a primary factor in ungulate evolution ... debate on this, and any suggestions as to how to achieve the desired effect - the reduction in numbers that is so desperately needed - without culling. However, the problem has been created ...

2007 IUCN Red List – Search
Following hybridization, a population may be affected by outbreeding depression or reduction in fitness, although to date this does not seem to have taken place in Bale ... of canid pathogens, particularly rabies, in domestic and wild carnivore species; and a study of predator-prey interactions (Sillero-Zubiri et al. 2004). Gaps in knowledge Although the behavioural ecology of ...

2007 IUCN Red List – 2006 Photo Gallery
Critically Endangered in 2006. This large angel shark formerly was a common and important demersal predator in coastal and outer continental shelf sediment habitat in the Northeast Atlantic, Mediterranean and ... pollution. This and the dramatic droughts, which repeatedly affect Iberia, will inevitably lead to the reduction of many populations in this area in the next decade. The species is currently ... More from this site

U.S. Global Change Research Information Office
The consistent reduction in variability from factors of hundreds of thousands or more in the total number of ... the chase, it replaces the level playing field of still water, boosting the velocity of predator and prey unequally, to either increase or decrease encounter rates between the larva and its ...

NMPIF Forests 3
Distribution: Occurs throughout the state except for the Pecos and Staked Plains. There are ... is indictative of an unhealthy state in trees. In areas where mistletoe is abundant, a reduction in trees through mechanical means may be recommended. Since mistletoe can shoot seeds as far ...

NMPIF Forests 4
Distribution:Occurs throughout the state except for the Pecos and Staked Plains. There ... or year-long grazing in one pasture often creates damage through soil compaction, erosion, and reduction in grasses and forbs. Grazing at higher elevations often occurs along riparian areas. The ... More from this site

Predator Conservation Trust: information on CITES and the law
Rhino horn is used in Chinese medicine and this resulted in a dramatic reduction in the rhino population. How does CITES protect species ? By prohibiting or severely limiting international ... This ensures all the animals are in good health and are being properly cared for. Predator Conservation Trust.

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