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Eljen In-Drain Systems - Trademark
Small Non-Aggregate Leach Field System with Big Performance! Pretreats Effluent with a 2-stage Biomat Greater Long Term Leaching Capacity Requires a Much Smaller Installation Area Lower Site Impact No ... from Eljen delivers. While conventional systems rely on a single biomat forming at the soil interface, In-Drain adds a second, primary biomat layer on the surface of it's unique Bio-Matt™ Fabric ...

Design Guide of the Eljen In-Drain System
In-Drains. 7. Failure of soil interface is minimized because primary biomat layer forms inside the fabric; prefiltering and pretreatment minimizes secondary biomat ... More from this site

Orenco Systems: Information and Training - News Release
Fortunately, a simple solution is available: rerouting backwash brine around the primary and secondary treatment components and directly into the drainfield. Softened water is not ... formed a thick gelatinous slime layer that clogged the infiltrative surface, while the trenches receiving no salt water discharge remained open with a normal microbial biomat. The field study ...