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OCC and tested as furnish for printing and writing grade papers. Pulping, bleaching, handsheet quality, and black liquor properties were evaluated. The wheat straw can be successfully pulped and fully bleached with about 40% dry straw content. Paper physical properties in Crystal pulp or wheat straw blends fit the requirements for producing fine printing and writing grade ...

At the time, there were virtually no identifiable recycled papers available for commercial uses. Davis jump-started the market for recycled printing and writing papers by developing a national paper distributorship dedicated to identifying and developing recycled papers and making them available to major buyers ...

Writing THE CONSERVATREE GUIDE to Environmentally Sound Printing and Writing Papers WRITING/SCRIPT PAPERS Writing/Script papers usually have a smooth finish compatible with laser printers and photocopiers. They often match papers in a Text and ... More from this site

Georgia-Pacific - Educational in Nature - Paper Recycling
From Homework To... Printing and writing papers that you use to do your homework and that people in offices use for stationery and copy paper are recycled into: • printing and writing paper • paperboard • tissue Where Do All the Boxes Go? More than 70 percent of all old corrugated boxes are recycled into new containerboard and paperboard products. ...

Georgia-Pacific - Educational in Nature - Paper Recycling
One was for the removal of printing and writing ink from wastepaper before it was reused. The other two patents were for the manufacture of paper from straw, hay, thistles, hemp, flax and different kinds of wood and ... More from this site

Green Seal: Green Seal Certification and Standards - Green Seal Environmental Standards
Fueled Vehicles (GC-2) Degreasing Agents in Production and Maintenance Operations (GS-34) Commercial & Institutional Cleaning Services (GS-42) Coated Printing Paper (GS-10) Commercial Adhesives (GS-36) ... -12) Paints and Coatings (GS-11)** Paper Products Used in the Preparation of Food (GC-8) Paper Towels and Paper Napkins (GS-9)* Powdered Laundry Bleach (GC-11) Printing and Writing Paper ( ...

Green Seal: Publications and Resources - Choose Green Reports
... Office Supplies Paper, Alternative Fiber Paper, Bathroom Tissue and Paper Towels Paper, Printing and Writing Particleboard and Medium-Density Fiberboard Quick Serve Food Packaging, Rigid Room Air Conditioning Tires, Low Rolling Resistance Wood Finishes and Stains More from this site

Eco-Economy: Building an Economy for the Earth. Chapter 8 FUEL, LUMBER, AND PAPER Protecting Forest Products and Services Yangtze River basin flooding deforestation reforestation soil erosion aquifer recharge logging forest loss paper recycling Amazon wa
Chapter 8 FUEL, LUMBER, AND PAPER Protecting Forest Products and Services Yangtze River basin flooding ... one third is used to make paper and paperboard. And over one fourth is sawed into lumber ... and Ashley Mattoon note that nearly half of this paper was used for packaging. An estimated 30 percent was used for printing and writing paper, while 12 percent was used for newsprint. Paper towels and ...

Metla Finland Forest industries and labour
Today forestry and the forest industry make up about 5,4% of Finland's gross domestic product, and approximately 27% of Finnish exports. High-quality printing and writing paper make up over 40% of the total export value of forest industry products, while sawn goods and wood- ... Speakers on Green Media, Communication and Marketing
They speak about what works and what doesn't and ...

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