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What do I do with...? - King County Solid Waste Division
Lawn Mower Metal Microwave Ovens Misc Household Items Paint Pallets Paper Pesticides Plastic Printing Cartridges Propane Tanks Sharps Tanks Textiles Thermostats Tires TVs Vehicles/Vehicle-related Items Yard Waste --------------------------------------- or... To find reuse ...

Materials List - What do I do with...? - King County Solid Waste Division
Cartridges Plastic cartridge filled with toner for use in a computer printer. Propane Tanks Propane Tanks A metal cylinder used to store propane gas, typically for use with a barbeque grill. A B C D ... blades and lancets that have been removed from the original sterile packaging. Tanks Heating Oil Tanks Home heating oil tanks can be either underground or above ground and are used to store oil ... More from this site

Nilson's Hardware & Rent-It Ice Castle Fish House and Hunting Shack
Empire furnace FURNITURE OPTIONS 30# tank holder Dinette with bunk 2 - 30# propane tanks Flip up bunk with mattress JD Fab tank holders Under bunk storage Auto dual regulators ...

Orange County California Watershed
Paint products Personal care products Pesticides Polishes and waxes Pool and spa chemicals Propane tanks from barbecues Unused road flares Wood preservatives Not Accepted Materials Ammunition Asbestos Biological materials Business ...

Floods: Minimizing Pollution and Health Risks - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Items such as vehicle batteries and propane tanks should also be moved to higher ground because they pose a danger if their ... Storage Tanks If flooding appears likely, tanks owners should make sure their tanks are properly installed and anchored to minimize the risk of underground tanks "popping" out of the ground. Keeping tanks full ...

Radio Control Airplanes
Bandit's turbine. Note the leaf blower, compressed air and propane tanks. It sounds as awesome as a real one! Here's more info on this model ...

Solid Waste District, Cuyahoga County of Ohio
Waste Household Goods Latex Paint Medicine Mercury Needles/Syringes Paper (Office) Paper (Household) Phone Books Propane Tanks Scrap Metal Styrofoam Televisions Tires Yard Waste Select a City... Bay Village Beachwood Bedford Bedford ...

Solid Waste District, Cuyahoga County of Ohio -Local Government
County of Ohio -Local Government Search Propane Tanks & Gas Cylinder Disposal Unanswered question? Ask the staff. Due to recent changes in federal regulations, propane tanks that are not equipped with an Overfill Protection Device (OPD) cannot be refilled. A new tank must be purchased by the consumer. Old propane tanks can be ... More from this site

Propane - Energy from both Natural Gas and Oil
Local propane dealers come to the distributor's bulk plant to fill up their small tank trucks. These tank trucks, called "bobtails", deliver propane to large storage tanks that are outside homes. The average residential propane tank holds between 500 - 1,000 gallons of ...

Propane Prices: What Consumers Should Know
Propane Production and Distribution System Source: Energy Information Administration What Influences Propane Prices? Propane prices are subject to a number of influences, some common to all petroleum products, and others unique to propane. Because propane ... small above-ground tanks located mostly at residences and commercial establishments. The primary mode of transporting propane within the United ... More from this site

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