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Reef Restoration Projects
Restoration Project (Bali) Reef Restoration and Shore Protection Restoration of coral reefs at Ihuru Island, North Male Atoll, Maldives, June, 1998, Wolf Hilbertz & Thomas J. Goreau Reef Restoration ...

Environmental Restoration: Understanding Disturbance
For full treatment with soil preparation, container planting, plant protection, and irrigation and maintenance it can cost $5,000 an acre or more ... for natural recovery and restoration--a review. Environmental Management. 24(3):309-326. Home | Ecocomposites | Agricultural Fibers | Sustainable Building | Sustainable Agriculture Environmental Restoration | Native America | General ...

Environmental Restoration: Desert Restoration - Steps toward Success
Restoration: Desert Restoration - Steps toward Success Sustainable Building Sustainable Agriculture Environmental Restoration Native America Search Site Index Search the Site Desert Restoration - Steps toward Success By David A. Bainbridge 1999 Soil Ecology and Restoration ... matter addition, surface shaping, container planting, plant protection from herbivores, irrigation, monitoring and maintenance ... More from this site

Tinicum Creek Stream Restoration Assessment (Tinicum Creek, Ottsville, PA) DRN Restoration staff surveyed a half-mile of Tinicum Creek to complete a Rosgen Level III assessment and develop a conceptual restoration plan. ... Heinz Refuge and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Restoration staff developed a plan to guide restoration, management and protection of the refuge for the next 10 years. Have a ... Speakers on Water Protection and Conservation
Speakers also cover issues including water quality, potable water supply, water pollution prevention, stormwater management, nonpoint source water pollution, wastewater treatment, water recycling, dam removal, and marine mammal protection. Ocean Protection & Restoration ... Speakers on Nature and Ecosystem Protection and Restoration
George Divoky, Raymond Bradley, and Debbie S. Miller. Ocean Protection & Restoration. Oceans are threatened by toxic pollution, nutrient pollution, plastics, ... restoration of ocean ecosystems and fisheries. See Rob Caughlan, David Helvarg, Alfredo Quarto, Pete McCloskey, Ross Klein, Richard Roshon, Roger Ballentine, Dune Lankard, Kate Troll, and Wil Burns. River & Lake Protection & Restoration ... More from this site

Coasts and Marine - Coast Protection Board
Board by or under this or any other Act. Under the Coast Protection Act ... format: Coast Protection Fund grants application form (50Kb PDF) Coast Protection Fund grants application form (50Kb Word document) Coast Protection Fund grants final report form (50Kb PDF) Coast Protection Fund grants ...

Great Lakes United: Restoration
Quality Agreement Canada-Ontario Agreement The Saint Lawrence Action Plan The Canadian Environmental Protection Plan Back to Restoration Restoration The GLU GreenBook for restoring the Great Lakes was an agenda ... Collaborative was a multi-stakeholder effort led by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to detail restoration priorities and costs. The workplan detailed in the GLRC final report led ...

Great Lakes United: Restoration - The GLU GreenBook
Plan The Canadian Environmental Protection Plan Back to Restoration The GLU GreenBook The opportunity Basin government leaders are finally considering a major investment in Great Lakes restoration, but have not yet ... Lakes action plan. A citizen response The Great Lakes Green Book summarizes a citizen restoration agenda for the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River ecosystem that is as comprehensive in ... More from this site

Great Lakes Forever: Are the Lakes in Trouble? Habitat Protection
Federal incentives for smart growth initiatives, urban re-development, and protection or expansion of existing urban green space can help control unchecked growth ... protection of rural agricultural communities and the enhancement of farmland as wildlife habitat. Organic farming practices that don't rely on dangerous chemicals should receive special encouragement. Encourage restoration ...

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