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Preventing acid drainage from surface mines requires the elimination of water movement through the acid material. Limestone rock drains may also be used to neutralize the acid drainage on these ... new pyritic material, exposed through slow collapsing of mine roofs and walls, can continue for hundreds of years). Some success has been achieved by filling or grouting mine voids with alkaline material ...

Alkaline Addition Alkaline placement strategies involve either mixing directly with pyritic material or concentrated placement to create a highly alkaline environment. Direct mixing places alkaline materials in intimate contact with pyritic ... diversions to route surface drainage away from pyritic material or through alkaline material. Spoil material can be placed and rough graded to ... More from this site

McArthur River Mine, Northern Territory Mining Technology
HYC Pyritic Shale Member. This package of inter-bedded pyritic siltstone, sedimentary breccia and tuff lies ... to ship the concentrate to Mount Isa so it is exported. Material is trucked 120km to a purpose-built ship-loading terminal at Bing Bong. Here a barge transfers material from the terminal to bulk ships moored 30km out to ...