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WSU IEHS Faculty Profile for Gan Wang
... repair and genetic instability; gene expression regulation; mechanism of cancer cell resistance to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Select Publications:

WSU IEHS Faculty Profile for Susan Xu
We are also interested in studying the molecular mechanism of resistance in cancer cell to radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Select Publications: Wang G, Chuang L, Zhang X, Colton S, Dombkowski A, Reiners ... p73-88. Xu XS, Narayanan L, Liskay RM, and Glazer PM. 2001. Hypermutability to ionizing radiation in mismatch repair-deficient, Pms2 knockout mice. Cancer Research, 61: 3775-3780. Wang G, Jing ... More from this site

IRPA - Home
His expertise and research activities are characterized by a tremendous range covering not only radiation biology, radiation therapy and radiation protection but also putting fundamental aspects of radiation ...

NCRP Report No. 58 "Handbook of Radioactivity Measurements" The membership of ... Measurement and Dosimetry of External Radiation Sources > SC 6-2 Radiation Exposure of the U.S. Population > SC 6-3 Uncertainties in Internal Radiation Dosimetry > SC 6-4 ...

NCRP Reports Nos. 60 - 79
Therapy (1982) ISBN 0-913392-57-X abstract > 25.00 69 Dosimetry of X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Beams for Radiation Therapy in the Energy Range 10 keV to 50 MeV (1981) ISBN 0-913392-55-3 abstract > 35.00 68 Radiation ... News & Events | Publications | Members | Related Organizations © 2006, National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements. All rights reserved. 7910 Woodmont Avenue, ... More from this site

MedlinePlus: Radiation Exposure
Radiation Emergencies Radiation Therapy Radon Sun Exposure Injuries and Wounds Poisoning, Toxicology, Environmental Health Go Local Services and providers for Radiation ...

"Ask the Experts" Category: Radiation Effects
Q4125 – Too much radiation? Q4141 – Cancer risk Q4146 – Radiation therapy to head Q4165 – Reproductive system Q4228 – Thyroid cancer and radiation exposure Q4236 – Refused ... (United Nations) High Dose Effects (CDC) Low Level Radiation (HPA UK) Radiation and Life Radiation Effects Research Foundation (radiation effects) Radiation Information (Idaho State University) Ask a Question • Search ...

Acute death due to radiation - Radiation Effects Research Foundation
Radiation Effects Research Foundation Menu does not appear -- SiteMap Acute death due to radiation The probability of dying directly from radiation exposure depends on the dose, but the ... death within 60 days) based on the information on atomic bomb survivors, accidental radiation exposure cases, and radiation therapy studies. The results suggest that the LD50/60 is 2.5 Gy or ...

Radiation Protection News Room | Radiation Protection | US EPA
Radiation Protection News Room | Radiation Protection | US EPA Jump to main content. Radiation Protection Contact Us Search: All EPA This Area You are here: EPA Home Radiation Protection Radiation Protection News ... News for August 11, 2008 Radiation A Hassle At the Border (Newsweek) Travelers who've had recent radiation treatment, like a bone scan or thyroid therapy, could face unexpected hassles ...

Nuclear Energy Agency Press Kits - Radiation protection
In order to cope with expanding radiation and nuclear practices, and in view of the particular character of the radiation risks, radiation ...

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