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NGDC/STP - CD-ROMs from Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Contains solar flare reports, sunspot numbers and region histories, total solar irradiance, and solar bursts. Some available data are digital geomagnetic hourly values, magnetic activity indices, cosmic ray observation ... -1998), Kandilli (1996-present), Taipe (1964-1994), and US Air Force (1981-present). Solar Radio Bursts: A "write-once" CD-ROM written in standard ASCII text files containing solar ...

NGDC/WDC STP, Boulder-Solar Radio Data via FTP from NGDC
STP, Boulder-Solar Radio Data via FTP from NGDC Search NGDCSearch NOAA NOAA > NESDIS > NGDC > stp > solar comments | privacy policy SOLAR RADIO DATA 1. Solar Radio Bursts at Fixed Frequencies Event Listings from worldwide network 1960 to present 2. Solar Radio Flux -- Noon Flux Measurements from ... More from this site

Who's Using Plan B & How
Geographic Press, Washington, D.C.: 2003). Lester R. Brown, "Deflating the Bubble Economy Before it Bursts," Year in Perspective 2003 Vol. 17 (World Business Academy, Ojai, CA: 2004). David Schlosberg and ... conservation de la nature INTERVIEWS Magazines Delicious Living, Nov 2003 le guide Ressources, Jan 2005 Radio Wisdom Radio, Sept 5, 2003 Eco-Talk, Sept 9, 2003 Successful Farming (5 shows), Sept ...

Evolution, Mass Extinctions, and Mass Speciations
Episodes in evolution parallel those of DNA, which shows bursts of base substitutions (exon shuffling) followed by long periods of no substitutions. Collectively, ... brought on by ionizing radiation, and other factors (electrostatic fields, magnetic reversals, pulsed radio-frequency fields, microwaves, hydrocarbons and alkalinity) produced by the Fields, and the particles ...

Eugene Weekly : Movies : 09.23.04
Well, it may be a bit more subtle than that. Anna (Sandrine Bonnaire) bursts into a Paris office one winter afternoon, where she begins to breathlessly tell William Faber ... : Includes some of Burns' best documentaries, including Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio (1991); Huey Long (1985); Thomas Hart Benton (1988); PBS documentary on the pioneering American artist ...

Little Known Facts About The Ocean -
Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) may reach sustained speeds up to 90 kph. The Blue ... Galleries Sea Monsters Seahorse Biology David Hall's Galleries TheLivingSea Underwater Lab Music :: *Radio Paradise KUHF-NPR* 88.9 WERS BellyUp4Blues Chillout Club 977 - 80's Deep House DJ ...

Geological Makeup of Marine Environments -
Cold seeps do not work in short, unpredictable bursts like many hydrothermal vents but are instead slow and dependable. Light independent organisms exist in ... Sea Monsters Seahorse Biology David Hall's Galleries TheLivingSea Underwater Lab » Music :: *Radio Paradise KUHF-NPR* 88.9 WERS BellyUp4Blues Chillout Club 977 - 80's Deep House DJ ... More from this site

Ch. 2: Warnings and Communications - Nuclear War Survival Skills
SLBMs and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). Such high-altitude bursts would produce electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effects primarily intended to knock out or disrupt U. ... necessary to sound sirens and could put most unprotected broadcasting stations off the air. Radio warnings and emergency communications to the general public will be broadcast by the Emergency ...

Ch. 15: Improvised Clothing and Protective Items - Nuclear War Survival Skills
(See Jane's Weapons Systems, 1987-88.) Both surface bursts and air bursts of today's smaller warheads would inject most of their radioactive particles into the ... , wicks, and cooking oil as described in Chapter 11. A flashlight and extra batteries. RADIO A transistor radio with extra batteries and a metal box in which to protect it. OTHER ESSENTIALS ... More from this site

Orca Network - Luna's story
Luna's territory. I talked briefly by radio to someone on the ship, then left the area well after dark, ... but by then the fishing boat had followed Coast Guard instructions on the radio to zoom away from Luna and was in the clear. I was ...

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